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Saddlers sign Daley

roger6 @ 6:33 pm Thursday 17 June 1999

Former England winger Tony Daley is on his way to the Saddlers according to inside sources at Bescot. Daley cost 1.4 million when he signed for Wolves four years ago, but was released at the end of last season by promotion-winning Watford.

Saddlers boss Ray Graydon is convinced that Daley’s fitness will hold on. Apparently Daley was recommended to Sir Ray by his lifelong friend Graham Taylor. Forgive me for being cynical but if Tone had no problems with fitness, why did Watford release him on a free after only 21 games for the Hertfordshire club?

But if anyone can work their magic on Tony, it is Lord Graydon of Bescot.

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