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roger6 @ 11:20 pm Sunday 27 May 2001

Instant reflections on the events were posted on the Saddlers Message Board on this site….


Uri Gellar, Sir Andrew LLoyd Webber, Kate Winslett, Auto Trader, Gillette Shaving foam. Can you hear me, Can you hear me. Your boys took one hell of a beating. .

Absolutely brilliant result. Sounded like a great game when I was listening on the internet. Congratulations to Ray and the team. BRILLIANT!!.

Andrew Perrett, Australia

Fantastic stadium – much better than Wembley. Fantastic atmosphere, fantastic view (I was in upper tier, but am sure everyone had a great veiw) CRAP pitch, but would have made a wonderful excuse had we needed it! Brilliant battling performance from the Saddlers, my MOM was Barras, he had a great game. Still can’t beleive it. The trophy is also better than the one we got for coming second too! We now need to double the size of our cabinet (have we got one?). WOW .


WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done lads!!!! Bring on the Wolves, Albion, Blues, Coventry, Forest!!!!!! Great peformance, great atmosphere and most importantly great result!!! SUPER SUPER DON, SUPER SUPER DON, SUPER DONNIE GOODMAN!!! ARISE SIR RAY .


That was just the best game I have ever seen. The stadium was brilliant, the team were brilliant, the fans were brilliant….. Yeah the pitch was a bit dodgy, but who cares. My MOM was Don. He was just everywhere and his goal was great. He could easily have put is over the bar. I had some Barnsley and Charlton supporting fans with me at the match and they couldn’t believe it either. £34 well spent. And I am so glad that we beat Reading and Stoke. Nothing gets me more than people saying that they deserve to go up because they have lots of fans and a big stadium. Up the Saddlers. 1st division here we come! .

Don’s Afro

worth all the money spent just to see the look on my youngest lad’s face as the third goal went in. .

Holbeach Saddler

What a day, what a night, what a team, what a manager, what support, what a stadium, what beer. It was great to share it with my best mate with whom I’ve watched the saddlers home & away for over twenty years, my dad and his mates who have been going since the mid fifties and are still as keen as ever. I’m not at all ashamed to say a few of us shed tears at the final whistle……the pride of the midlands…….too right we are. . .


What a day.Cardiff have everything right for such a match, no probs parking the car, stadium ace.Don Goodman superb, also Keates and Pedro who never stops trying.Also Gabby must stay, he is the first to clap the fans and always does it at the end of the match.You can,t BUY pride like that.WE ARE GOING UP!! .

Mark Harris

I would like to add my congratulations to the Super Saddlers. What a magnificent day, and although it’s scant consolation, well done to Reading and their fans. Sorry, but someone had to lose, good luck next season. .

Phil G

Just got back – what an absolutely brilliant weekend!! Well done to all the players and Graydon (apart from Hall who put about as much effort in as usual). My head dropped a bit at 2-1 down but Graydon wouldn’t let that happen to the players – Trevor Francis take note, that’s what a manager is for!! No-one else seems to have mentioned that our second was a “fluke” goal but Keates was fouled by Rougier anyway so it should have been a penalty. .

Shropshire Saddler

Still on Cloud 9 after the weekend…..so proud to be a Saddler. It even becomes worth enduring the low notes during the season (Oxford & Swansea away……Bury & Wrexham at home for example). .

Pie Chomper

We paid 39 quid and I got to stand up the whole match as there were only empty boxes behind us what a game booked into the manor this week to have my vital organs put back where they belong, I thought Bury away and oldham at home were special but nothing compares to this . My MOM was Dean Keates his turn in the box for the second goal was real roy of the rovers coming a closs second Goodman and a special mention for Tony Barras the best game I’ve seen him play as for the x saddlers Butler took his goal well and Ada looked like I’ve said all along ordinary should have been sent off for his elbow on Barras. .


FANTASTIC!!!! Even though the Royal Mail tried their hardest to lose my tickets, nothing was gonna stop me going to Cardiff. Superb day out!! Hope we can build a stadium like that – loads better than Wembley. Oh yeah and I’d like to say thanx to Reading fans for not kicking the •••• out of me on the train home. .

Chicken Madras

What a FANtastic day. Only my third game this year after Stoke away and Brentford at home. I am surrounded by Man Utd/Liverpool/Celtic/Rangers fans who THINK they are loyal supporters. They cannot understand the concept of someone supporting their home town. Well they are all gonna get the run down of Sunday minute by minute. I think someone had too much to drink though. A man behind me said that Jorge should be shot because he’s a carthorse!!!!! The beer wasn’t that strong was it?? .

Ulster Saddler

I am still on a high never experienced anything like it in my life. Still got tears in my eyes just remembering …what a day .


What a weekend; what a day; what euphoria in a magnificent victory; what a compelling match; what a truly great manager leading his ‘family’ to a phenominal success. Don Goodman’s contribution was immense – still going strong after 120+ minutes! Brilliant turn on a sixpence which left Viveash, (who should have been banished by then – and certainly for the synical challenge on Byfield), for dead to crash a superb shot into the net from 25 yards. Ade is no longer a Saddler – he reminded us of the worst side of him. How fitting the ball should cannon off Rougier to make it 2-2. I have witnessed a never-to-be-forgotten occasion along with my mates and members of the family, who between us have supported Walsall FC for many, many years. Even my wife and one of my mates wife, neither of whom were in the Millennium stadium but from their graphic descriptions could have been, enjoyed their journey into paradise. Congratulations to Lord Ray of Bescot, the players and all concerned at Walsall Football Club. Watch out Division One. .

Dave Saddler

what can you say? we played like heroes down to the last man. goodman and keates must have covered every blade of grass. talk about never say die!!! sir ray deserves enormous credit for the spirit and performance. congratulations to everyone at the club and to all loyal saddlers everywhere, we deserve it. bring on the dingles!!! .

Belgian Saddler

We are so proud of you, and so happy that we did it. i’m still numb from the experience of the game that all I want to say is a massive THANK YOU to the team and club for making everyones day. HAIL SIR RAY ……… cheers! .

Swampy Thing

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