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Brief history of Walsall FC

roger6 @ 11:10 am Wednesday 12 June 2002

Key dates
1877: Walsall Swifts FC founded
1879: Walsall Town FC founded
1888: Both clubs merged to found Walsall Town Swifts FC (hence the symbol of the swift for the club, which until two (or three) years ago, pointed downwards) 1892: Club joined newly formed Division Two of The Football League
1895: Club renamed Walsall FC
Prior to 1990: Fellows Park (ground denoted by Mr. Fellows)
Since 1990: Bescot Stadium

Miscellaneous Records
Walsall also hold the honour of being the team most re-elected to the football league from the old Third Division, when it was split between North and South. Walsall would swap from one to the other, dependant on which teams would be relegated from Division Two, with Walsall generally performing better in the North than the South!

Also a Walsall player has the record of scoring more than 20 goals in five consecutive seasons, a feat rarely performed. (I believe only one or two other players have done so, including Brian Clough). The player: Alan Buckley.

Two of the leading clubs around Walsall were Walsall Swifts (founded 1877) and Walsall Town (founded 1879). Walsall Swifts won the Birmingham Senior Cup in 1881, and Walsall Town reached the fourth round (modern 5th round equivalent) of the FA Cup in 1883. These clubs amalgamated as Walsall Town Swifts in 1888, becoming simply Walsall in 1895.

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