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Walsall 0 Sheff Utd 1

roger6 @ 11:56 pm Friday 27 December 2002

As expected more than 10,000 turned up to the Bescot mud field on Boxing Day, but the Blades went away with the points, in a poor game with one solitary goal. One of the message board regulars Cannock offers his thoughts:
Today’s performance wasn’t the worst of the season but from my point of view it was the most worrying. Football is a simple game. When you have the ball you need to try and pass to a man in the same coloured shirt and hope to put the ball in the net. When you have pssesion the opposition can’t hurt you. Unfortunately, the Bescot coaching staff do not have the same opinion. The Bescot way of playing is to get control of the ball and hoof it into space down the channels in the hope that one of our forwards will gain control. Inevitably we lose possesion and put pressure onto ourselves. People may say the pitch isn’t conducive to this. I say crap. Sheff Utd managed to pass to each other relatively easily as have other sides who have come to Bescot.
The second requirement of a football team is to get the ball back when not in possesion. This requires the midfield players to chase and pressurise the opponents until possesion is conceded. Again, the Bescot coaching staff disagree and believe that the midfield players should retreat at a hasty rate of knots to the edge of our own penalty area and give the opposition as much room and freedom required in order to play their football. Jolly decent of them.
When we gain a throw in, this should be to our advantage with the opposition having booted the ball out of play. Our response is for all our players to have their backs to the ball so the thrower has to launch the ball as far as he can to the opposition defenders.
We can have as many skillful players as we want but until these players learn that the basics of football are more important than nifty little flick ons we will continually struggle.

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