Unrest at Luton Town

roger6 @ 11:45 pm Thursday 29 May 2003

Walsall fans will be upset to hear of the major problems at Luton Town. Last week their ancient chairman sold up, having revealed he’d not been bankrolling them as everyone thought, but “loaning” the club the money; then on Friday the bitter blow as highly-rated manager Joe Kinnear and Hatters legend Mick Harford were sacked. Done in a nice way as well – registered letter to their house! Kinnear turned up for a meeting with the new owners this week to discuss pay-off only to discover the new owners had failed to show…And to top it all the club are set to announce Terry Fenwick as the new gaffer – despite the former Pompey man’s atrocious record at the helm of Northampton in an ill-fated stay earlier this season.
Apparently the club’s sale is all to do with land Luton have bought to build a new stadium close to the M1 – and rumours are strong they are set to merge with Franchise Wimbledon if the league can swallow it.
So if you know any Luton fans, give them your support in these troubled times…

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