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Barnsley vs Walsall – Disaster Looms

neilr @ 6:53 pm Monday 28 March 2005

The Saddlers went down 3 – 2 at Oakwell today, despite coming back from 2 – 0 down to draw level. Despite that improvement, following a dubious penalty being missed, the entire defence went to sleep while celebrating Barnsley not getting a third, and left Michael Chopra unmarked in the six yard box to score the winner.

Saddler’s fans feelings are that this means we are in real trouble and a win at home to Torquay next week is vital.


“The last two defeats have confirmed what I think I knew about 3 weeks ago – we are in big trouble and probably likely to go down.
It is almost IDENTICAL to last season. With 8 games to go you think it can’t possibly happen (remeber that fluky win away at Derby, dancing around the living room shouting “we are staying up”, surely we are safe now…). Well, it can, and it very may will again.
This is unthinkable.
Got to back Merse now. I have come around to thinking that he is a disaster for this club, but its got to be 100% support from now on”.

Tony Obi:-

“I can see Wrexham , in decent form , fighting like mad to correct the “injustice” of their position and with Ugarte scoring for fun , getting 4 wins out of their last 8 games , maybe a draw too , gives them 51 points .
As long as we dont lose against Torquay ( big if ) I dont see them overtaking us , so we need 52 points . ( Similarities with last season are frightening)”.


“Looking at the table, it looks pretty much like if we win next Saturday, we might just survive. Anything less than that and we’re toast. MK Dons & Oldham are playing well and will get out of it. So all we can aim for is fifth from bottom”.

The next home game looks like being the most important game since Cardiff and a superhuman effort will be needed from everyone, including the fans, otherwise a season in the bottom division looms.

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