Staunton Released

neilr @ 4:01 pm Thursday 12 January 2006

The Official website says that we are about to say goodbye to Steve Staunton.

Roy Whalley has been in talks with representatives of the Football Association of Ireland about releasing Staunton from his contract in order for him to take over as the national team Manager.

An “amicable settlement” has been agreed which leaves the way open for Steve Staunton to take the job.

“My discussions with John Delaney were very amicable and we are very pleased with the way in which the FAI have dealt with this issue,” said Whalley. “I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Steve Staunton when he is officially given the post and wish him and the FAI every success for the future”.

The club have denied the reported figure of £60,000 compensation for his release and the BBC are now saying that the figure is close to “£20,000″.

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