How to support UpTheSaddlers

roger6 @ 12:28 pm Monday 07 August 2006

UptheSaddlers is supported financially by a combination of private donations from individual supporters, and through sponsorship from companies.

The site regularly attracts 2,500 daily visitors. Detailed audience figures are available on request.

There are currently at least 5 ways of supporting UptheSaddlers – anyone interested please contact us:

1) Shared ownership

Any Walsall fan can own a part of Upthesaddlers by investing £10 a month. In return you get to help decide on new features, access to a special owners area of the message board and the site accounts, and your own page on the site. More details

2) Whole site sponsorship
This includes logo/branding on the homepage of the site,, every page of the message board, and branded email alerts from the message board. The price is negotiable based on a 12-month rolling contract.

3) Banner ad on home page or message board
Flexible pricing depending on size and position, offered on a 12-month rolling contract.

4) UptheSaddlers corporate supporter
This includes a logo/link on the “Friends of UptheSaddlers” page listing your company as a supporter of UptheSaddlers, and includes upto 100 words of descriptive text. This is available at a cost of £50 per year.
Contact for more details.

5) UptheSaddlers private supporter
This includes access to the Friends of UptheSaddlers section of the message board, subject to a minimum donation of £5 per year.

Any revenues derived by UptheSaddlers are channelled back into the site to pay for running costs.

UptheSaddlers also earns revenue from the Google Adsense programme – this deal is suspendable if the main site sponsor is willing to cover the loss of revenue.

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