Money’s Transfer Philosophy

neilr @ 7:17 am Thursday 12 July 2007

Richard Money gave a frank interview to the Evening Mail yesterday, in which he outlined his thinking for the season to come and made it quite obvious that he will not see the team as it lines up on the first day as a completed work.

He said that he knows that the team will change between now and the kick off and will change again during the course of the season, including the January transfer window, and gave examples from last season of how he saw acquisitions giving current players a necessary “kick up the backside”. He also said that even apparent failures may well have had the desired effect by freshening up the squad.

It is also quite obvious that he sees his only job as achieving success and that other considerations are secondary.

The full text of what he said was:-

“Last year’s squad got this club promoted as champions. We made two signings early in the summer, three more in pre-season, brought a couple of loans in before Christmas, added to the squad in January and brought three loans in close to deadline day.

That’s what happens. We started with a squad that needed strengthening and help to get it over the line.

A club in our position can’t run with hundreds of players at the start of the season and hope they will see you through the year. You build as the season goes on.

As a manager you just try not to make too many mistakes a long the way. Some people come in and don’t play too much of a part in the action.

But who knows how much effect they had on the team? Last season Carlos Fangueira came in and it’s no coincidence that Mark Wright had his best spell of the season.

Par Cederqvist came in and Hector Sam had the biggest kick up the backside he had all year and produced the goods.

Some players come straight into the team. Others make other players buck their ideas up.

All that matters is where the squad takes you at the end of the season.”

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