Saddlers 2 Tranmere 1

roger6 @ 8:17 pm Saturday 05 April 2008

Just when some of us thought the play-off dreams were disappearing, faint hope remains tonight after a 2-1 win over fellow-contender Tranmere Rovers.

Site sponsor Whitti Steve, fresh from a visit to the big smoke midweek, was at the game, and gave these thoughts on the performance on the message board:

I thought we did well and deserved the win today. We bossed the first half without creating too much, second half we did well but did sit back a little too much when they started going for it. I thought Betsy had his best game so far (that I have seen) and Dobson did well. I agreed with the sponsors that chose N’dour for MOTM, he didn’t do much spectacular, but held the ball well and didn’t give it away, making the midfield that much more solid. Roper and Gerranrd did well, I was disappointed with Taundry (esp for their goal!), but he was poor most of the game IMHO.

A HUGE well done the the small group at the front of the Asbo who kept the atmosphere going. It was great today!

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