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New site sponsor – IC Shipping

roger6 @ 8:38 am Wednesday 11 June 2008

Upthesaddlers is delighted to announce a new site sponsor for the 2008-2009 season. For our special 10th anniversary season, I C Shipping are sponsoring the website taking over from S R Print Management who we thank for their support.

I C Shipping specialises in international freight forwarding by land, sea or air, with offices in Wednesbury and Derby. For more information see website:

Owner/Managing Director of I C Shipping, Ian Astbury (Asps to board users) said “UTS offers Walsall fans an independent platform to express their opinions and get the latest news. It is also a great portal for fans who can’t get to the matches. We are delighted to sponsor the site for the challenging season ahead.”


The Blender 110608

Exile @ 2:24 am Wednesday 11 June 2008

An irregular roundup of football news, both Walsall and non-Walsall, to populate the front page while there’s not much going on.

Geddes signs up
Youngster Sean Geddes has put pen to paper for his final apprenticeship year, with a two year professional contract following. The talented young player had attracted interest from other bigger clubs, so his signing shows some recognition that the youth at Walsall certainly have great opportunities as well as attractive facilities and capable staff to assist their development.

Claridge caught out
Retired player Steve Claridge, whose legs went some years ago, has now also lost his wheels, for serial driving offences culminating in his attempt on the world land speed record for a Peugeot 307, where he took it North of 100mph before the boys in blue took an interest in him. His excuse that he was desperate for the toilet didn’t wash with Judge Carr, and he left the court flushed.

Wrack: “I was addicted to gambling”
Long-time Walsall midfielder Darren Wrack has spoken publically about his addiction to gambling, his tale a cautionary one for other sufferers, as he blew half a million quid and his mental health in an extended period of addiction. He’s now on the mend, but rumours that his mates have started a sweepstake on when he’ll fall off the wagon are entirely unfounded.

Transfer News
Hall and Gowling aside, a quick sweep round the usual sources reveals that there’s absolutely no speculation surrounding any player and Walsall, the Excrete and Stir instead concentrating on the virtual certainty that Phil Starbuck will be named as Mullen’s assistant in the near future. The club, meanwhile, tell us that the assistant appointment takes second place to signing players.

As ever, WFC sources are keeping their cards close to their chest for fear of alerting other, wealthier, clubs as to who we consider capable of taking us up to the Championship this year. After last year’s efforts getting the likes of Hall, Sonner, Canary and Butler, you do have to wonder why.

Jeff speaks up
Our illustrious owner, Jeff Bonser, has again made it clear that his eye is on promotion, and that Mullen has a much bigger budget this season than his predecessor. Let’s hope that the marriage of money and Mulley is a successful one, or we’ll all be crying in our beer come Spring.

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