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Mullen’s Sacking Reaction

Neil @ 3:18 pm Saturday 10 January 2009

After several weeks of declining performances and results, Walsall are once again looking for a new Manager.

It was supposed to be the club’s ambition to gain promotion this season, but the current run of just 4 wins out of the last 16 games is relegation form and even the play offs are now remote.

Mullen’s tenure at the club is bound to be seen as one of immense disappointment. We managed to put together a reasonable starting XI for the season, but the squad has proven to be paper thin and unbalanced as the games have gone on. This has all been compounded by Mullen’s incomprehensible team selections (he’s played two young strikers on the wings most of the season, not to mention picking Chris Palmer week after week when he is a fourth tier squad player at best), non existent tactics and bizarre substitutions.

Walsall fans have been used to seeing good football from their teams over the years and Mullen, with his brand of hoofball just will not be missed.

What that does leave Jeff Bonser with, of course, is a very difficult problem. he now has to find a replacement who won’t cost too much, can work with little or no money and yet can get the team playing football again, with a name that will galvanise the missing crowds to come back to the Banks’s. Best of luck, Jeff, as you’ll need to perform a major conjuring trick this time.

As for Jimmy Mullen, let’s just draw the curtain over that one, shall we, as it has been a managerial performance to forget.


Jimmy Mullen sacked

roger6 @ 2:13 pm Saturday 10 January 2009

Strange timing, shortly after the home game with Brighton was called off, but the club have today announced manager Jimmy Mullen has been sacked.

“The decision has been taken as a result of a sequence of disappointing results, particularly at home games,” a club statement read.

Mullen had been in charge since May 2008.

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Brighton game OFF

roger6 @ 10:44 am Saturday 10 January 2009

Today’s home game with Brighton has been called off after a 10am pitch inspection.

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