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Walsall vs Southampton Report

Neil @ 10:15 am Sunday 06 December 2009

This was a very evenly matched game for some of the first half – right up to the moment Sansara and Hughes were taken out by a perfectly normal straight ball down the inside left channel for Connolly to score. After that, we were comprehensively taken apart down the left flank, as the Saints identified Sansara and Richards as the weak link. Quite frankly, we were lucky it was only three.

Another disappointment was, yet again, Hutchings’s unwillingness to make any changes when it was obvious that it just wasn’t working. We had no threat down the left and Jones, starved of possession, got absolutely sweet FA from his full back all afternoon – and he even found time to score the second, with Jones failing to track back after we were torn apart down the left side of the defence yet again. At least when Hutchings did finally get round to making a substitution, it was an imaginative one, going 4 3 3, as the wingers were just not seeing the ball at all.

Oh, and Parkin looked good when he came on, – but, let’s face it, the game had been long won by then.

Saddler_nic supplies the report:-

Today just showed how tactically inept we are,and also showed how far we are from being promotion contenders. We were simply found out today. Southampton are without doubt one of the better sides in our league,the attacking options they have are frightening, but to roll over the way we did was very dissapointing.

The first ten minutes we had a bit of a go, with Deeney going close,but once the Saints got settled,we never really got a look in.We looked solid enough in defence, but one straight ball over the top completely bypassed our back four, cant take anything away from the finish though. That goal just seemed to kill our confidence and we started playing like we had a month or so a go. The second goal was equally awful,Sansara failing to follow his man (looked as though he stepped up to play offside), then a great block from Hughes fell kindly to Lambert who bundled it in.Three of our men went to close down the inital shot,which left Lambert with 10 yards of space infront of our goal.

We never really threatened,mainly due to the hoofball we played.I dont mind a long ball,as long as theres some direction to it.But every time we hit it long,it was head height at Deeney or Byfield,who are never going to win anything against someone as tall as Jaidi. Everyone else can see this isnt working,why cant Hutch and MOC?Our wide players never really got any service either,and when they did,it was continually run out of play or the quality of the cross was poor.

Second half was always going to be tough,and atleast we had a bit of a go at them,but by then it was too late.The substitution came far too late,but atleast when Parkin came on,we looked a little more dangerous,and he linked the play pretty well.You just felt though,that Southampton had a couple of exrta gears if they needed them,which they didnt.

Dissapointing with the performance,but maybe it’ll bring us back down to earth a bit.

I felt a bit sorry for Manny and Hughes who were run ragged by Lambert and Connelly,but didnt have any sort of help from either full back.

The only quibble I’d have with that is that I thought the problem was down the left defensively, where something needed to be done in the first half and where Natan Sansara went walkabout far, far too often.

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