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Leyton Orient vs Walsall – Report on Not Much At All

Neil @ 10:59 am Sunday 14 March 2010

All summed up by Wyrley Saddler:

Disgraceful performance. To call ourselves a professional football team is a joke. I can’t remember Orient’s keep actually having to make a save. The few shots that we did have went wide and were ironically cheered by the 178 Saddlers fans.I realy can’t think of one player that played well for us. Hutchings is an idiot. Why play Sansara with Hughes & Smith on the bench? Why wait until we’re 2-0 down to make a sub? Why take off the only player who looked like they had the possibility to do something for a league 2 reserve player?

I think it’s time for Hutch to go. He’s had his chance, all we are going to do now is plummet like a stone towards the bottom if the performances of late carry on

And, in the same vein, Zece_wfc:

Been today and I really really wouldn’t be surprised if we are dragged into the relegation scrap after that rubbish.

It got so bad, we were cheering when we strung more than 3 passes together…. and that only lasted a few times.
I don’t know where the 2 shots on target came from because we didn’t have any!!!!
I can’t be bothered going through each player because they all should be sacked, with the exception of Jones! Gray can be first out the door, he was shocking.

There was no passion, no determination, no spirit, no fight….

Worst players on the pitch were Sansara and grey by a country mile.

Rubbish, rubbish rubbish. Bye bye Hutchings

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