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roger6 @ 3:20 pm Thursday 20 May 2010

To meet increasing running costs (currently $250 a month) UptheSaddlers is offering a number of individuals/companies the chance to own a part of the site in return for £10 a month.

Part ownership offers the following benefits:
- access to owners area of message board
- full page linked from UTS home page and story pages
- optional image under banner UTS home page and story pages
- right to contribute and decide on new features on UTS

To sign up click this subscribe button below. Once you have signed up, email your message board username to editor@upthesaddlers.com

The small print

- your monthly owners contribution of £10 which will give you a share of upthesaddlers
- there is no upper limit of number of owners; the UTS founder retains 50% of the site, the remaining 50% to be split by the number of current monthly contributors
- owners free to join or quit at any time, owner rights will cease at time of cancellation

If UTS income each month is more than expenses, any excess will be put first into any new UTS features (planned and decided by the owners) and if still an excess, the monthly fee lowered….alternatively owners may opt not to renew as they can the site is financially stable.

Ownership of UTS is separate from the administrative running – as a part owner you won’t automatically be a moderator or administrator of the message board.

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