Walsall 0-1 Bournemouth: Speed Bumps

Exile @ 9:44 am Monday 14 February 2011

On the road to progress there’s always a sleeping policeman, and rather than go and catch real criminals they’ve tripped up Walsall, at home no less, to the Cherries, no less. No poll this week as I can’t be bothered but if I had the question would have been something about whether or not we deserved a point or three. Talk about it on the messageboards if you want.Here’s a link to an appropriate starting point in the thread concerned

This match saw me tossing up a few reports. I’m using just one. Step forward out-of-borough UTS regular, the saddler known as brummie:

On the football side of things first half was really pleasant viewing, we had a lot of the ball in good areas and probably could of scored on a few occasions, we are fortunate the linos view wasnt blocked as there was 3 players in his way when the player handled it in.

I thought at half time we got a great chance to win here, kicking towards are fans and us being excited by them and us creating a fantastic atmosphere.

Now for the fans. This won’t go down well but its how I feel.

A lot more fans there today was nice to see, plenty of rows standing up so I thought game on plenty more willing voices, but for some reason it was poor from our regular section, songs were dying down half way through for no reason, I got the vibe that everyone thought we were no longer in a battle and were safe, we are not,

At half time I couldn’t wait to absolutely raise the roof and see home a massive and much needed 3 points, but to my amazment everyone sat down and told me to do the same. I couldn’t believe, I know we don’t play, but we make a massive difference and we need. To use every strength we have, like I said we are not safe, every game is a cup final.

The thing that completly angered/frustrated/confused me i carnt decide, but when we went a goal down people then got off there backsides and help the lads to try and get a point

Like I said I know were not the ones scoring the goals but we can make a big difference, let’s not forget we are not out of this every game should be a cup final

Got my tin. Hat at the ready

I’m thinking this was a game we might have grabbed a point from, but I’m not overly concerned we got nothing out of it, unlike many home defeats under Dean Smith’s predecessor. Well tried, the lads.

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