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The Land Is For Sale!

Neil @ 11:57 am Monday 14 March 2011

The club have announced this morning that Suffolk Life, the current landlords, are prepared to sell their interest in the land.

The club, of course, are making reassuring noises that this will not effect them, as the lease is secure. However, as the basis of the ownership of the freehold has always been one of the major bones of contention between supporters and the club, this will, obviously, be of great interest, as will the possibility that this marks the beginning of the end for Jeff Bonser’s association with the club.

The Trust and Unity have a meeting with the club this week and this will, of course, be bound to be a major topic of discussion. The Trust have also announced thier AGM for Tuesday the 29th March at the Saddlers’ Club at 7.45, which will give fans a chance to discuss what our reaction ought to be.

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