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The Sale of the Freehold – By Steve Jenkins

Neil @ 4:41 pm Tuesday 28 June 2011

UTS has received an article from Steve Jenkins in which he says he wants to clarify the situation as far as the sale of the freehold of the Banks’s Stadium is concerned.

Mr Jenkins says that he feels that judging by the emails he has received and various conversations he has had, that there is still some confusion about what is actually happening. He, therefore, makes the following points:

1. Walsall Football Club is not for sale and will remain in private ownership.

2. Banks’s Stadium and the Land upon which it resides, is for sale.

3. All bids received by DTZ for the Stadium and Land are ‘on hold’ pending a decision by Walsall Council on the purchase of the Stadium and Land.

4. Councillor Tim Oliver of the Labor Group should be recognised for his efforts in bringing the facts on the proposal to the Council members.

5. Councillor Ian Shires of the Liberal Democrat Group, we thank for attending the meeting between Mr Bonser, DTZ and the Council to obtain the facts for himself.

6. We also thank the 8 members of the Conservative Group, almost one third of the Conservative Group, for attending the same meeting.

7. The proposal will not be funded by the Taxpayers of Walsall and will provide an investment opportunity for the Town, providing a surplus income for the Council.

8. The fact that members of all the political groups attended the meeting demonstrates that this is not a political issue, but one if pursued, will benefit the whole Town.

9. Council ownership of the Stadium and Land remains the safest option at the present time, for the future of Football in Walsall.

10. Walsall supporters and the people of Walsall await a clear decision and outcome on this issue from the Council.

Finally I thank all the supporters and the Town’s people for supporting us on what we believe is a critical moment in the history of Walsall Football Club.

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