Saddlers Release Seven

Neil @ 2:50 pm Wednesday 09 May 2012

The Saddlers have announced that they will be releasing seven players this close season, Jon Macken, Olly Lancashire, Kevan Hurst, Anton Peterlin, Ryan Jarvis, Connor Deards and Johnny Haynes.

Macken has been one of the team’s better players and has been missed when not in the team for his hold up play, but age and injury are taking their toll now. He will be difficult to replace.

Peterlin, you always felt, was a gamble, being picked up late last closed season and, although he has done a job, he hasn’t looked good enough to hold down a first choice place.

Hurst and Lancashire are the only ones that might be considered to be surprises, but Hurst has had a season ruined by injury and hasn’t looked the same player since his return. Lancashire, I suspect, is felt to be too good for third choice, but not good enough to displace the first choices, so falls between two stools.

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