Heskey to Walsall?

Exile @ 5:16 am Friday 03 August 2012

Rumours are rife in all the right places that Emile Heskey isn’t poised to sign a contract to play for Walsall this season!
It’s been on football rumours, it’s been heard on the UpTheSaddlers messageboards, at someone’s next door neighbour’s place, and in the MacDonalds restaurant in Aldridge, which doesn’t actually exist, so it must be true.

In defence of this rumour, Heskey is 34, which puts him at the lower end of the age bracket for Walsall signing a senior player. Emile is also currently a free agent, so there’s no chance of a transfer fee being paid, which Walsall never do.

It’s also fair to say his goalscoring record is patchy in recent years, and an aged, misfiring, free player would be the trifecta for our club!

Unfortunately he’s got roots in the area, his most recent club was just up the road and his missus was held at knifepoint by scousers so she probably hates being up North. All of which points to this rumour being just that.

Rumour has it Emile might be looking forward to his time at Walsall, and while the lack of chips at the stadium is a problem, a major factor in his possibly signing for the club could be the facilities at Walsall’s training ground. “The sprinklers work great now this drought’s over”, he didn’t say.

Seriously, do we need to sign a forward that has the presence to hold the ball up?
  • Yes, please, Deano! (87%, 242 Votes)
  • Haven't had one for the last two years, why bother now! (13%, 36 Votes)

Total Voters: 278

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