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Match report – Oldham 1-1 Walsall: First goal, first point, first among equals

Exile @ 5:56 am Thursday 23 August 2012

No preview for this one. no disrespect to Oldham, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Instead, here’s a match report, a favour we didn’t do for Donny after they had the bad grace to blag their way to a 3-0 win at the weekend.

As ever, the most accurate (read: considered by the editor to reflect an acutalit√© that is more correct than any other) has been chosen. You can’t go past a good ‘bangsection’ review if he’s attended, and his stellar effort is as follows:

Draw was a fair result in the end. The fact that both teams only scored due to horrendous mistakes by the opposition says it all.


1. Think we’ve found one of the four teams we need to finish below us. Oldham were pretty desperate – consistently misplacing passes, overhitting crosses and wasting possession.

2. Bowerman took his goal exceptionally well.

3. Adam Chambers had another excellent game. And his brother wasn’t far behind.


1. We struggled to create chances all game. The two we created in the first half (both thanks to Grigg’s movement – the best part of his game) were wasted when he failed to force the keeper to make a save both times.

2. Our set pieces were poor – we only threatened when the Oldham goalkeeper started trying to throw the ball into his own net and resorted to huge punts to Butler at the far post.

3. Grof’s confidence looked shot after his mistake. The fact that Oldham failed to force him to make a save in the second half tells you everything you need to know about how poor they were.


Grof: Started well with a good save from a freekick but started to look wobbly as the half wore on and was badly at fault for the goal. Looked like he tried to palm the ball away but only succeeded in knocking it straight down and then looked like it bounced off his body and underneath him. Not tested second half.

Purkiss: Shaky to begin with – a few misplaced headers and passes but got better as the game went on and I thought he had a pretty decent second half.

Holden: Early booking can’t have helped but his lack of pace and athleticism compared to Manny worries me slightly. Too similar to Butler?

Butler: Reasonably good game but a horrendous Hollywood crossfield pass nearly cost a goal in the second half when it went straight to their player.

James Chambers: Pick of our back four. Solid in the tackle, good in the air and comfortable on the ball. Fact it’s his ‘wrong side’ didn’t seem an issue.

Adam Chambers: Box to box, excellent protection for the back four, some crucial interceptions. My MOTM.

Cuvelier: Disappointing. Couldn’t influence the game and seemed disappointed with his own performance at the end. Taken aside by ROK in the warmdown and given a pep talk and a hug.

Featherstone: Started well but faded and contributed little in the second half.

Paterson: Very disappointing. Consistently made the wrong decision and rarely beat his man.

Hemmings: Impressive. Good link up play with Grigg but you’d like him to be more direct at times. They were terrified of his pace but too often he stopped and played a square ball rather than driving on into the box.

Grigg: As mentioned above, makes intelligent runs but must make more of his opportunities in front of goal. Failed to win a header or hold the ball up effectively but that’s not his strength. Wingers never really got to the byline all night which didn’t help.

Subs: Bowerman: Excellent goal when played clean through by a horrendous Oldham backpass. Actually played quite well with his back to goal too which is encouraging.

Williams: Didn’t remember seeing much of him after he came on but that means he didn’t make any glaring mistakes either!

Important that we got something tonight – the longer we’d have gone without getting a point on the board the more it would have nagged at the players (and the fans). Still clear that we need a different option up front. Not a 6 foot 8 target man but someone like Macken with strength and the nouse to hold the ball up and bring others in to play.

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