Notts County 0-1 Walsall: Smash and grab!

Exile @ 9:22 pm Monday 27 August 2012

Great away result earning us our first three points of the season and propelling us up to the giddy heights of mid-table mediocrity at the expense of star-laden Notts County. OK, half their team were out injured, but that’s no excuse. Oh, and their ginger hero didn’t score. Maybe he’s past it.

At the match, nottmsaddler was on hand to provide the match report:

The comments using woeful, abysmal and pathetic are well wide of the mark. The first half was not great, but far from terrible. We were under the cosh a bit but they didn’t create many (maybe one) clear cut chances I can remember, and Grof had little in the way of saves.

We were the better team in the second, and the goal was coming because the longer it went the more comfortable we looked. Even in the last ten minutes they failed to create clear chances even though the ref did his best in injury time. Whereas with a couple of better timed runs, we could have had another goal or two.

All in all a massive improvement on the last two seasons here, and plenty of encouraging signs. Purkiss did struggle (I’d prefer Stewart and Chambers moving to RB personally) and Grigg didn’t do anything but that apart the others were good, a couple were superb and the support was first rate.

If the first half was “as bad as ever seen”and on the whole, we were pathetic and abysmal then the posters must have missed Oldham, Dagenham (cup), Notts County to name but three at the Banks’s last season. Because what I saw today was a hell of a lot better than that.

And I am not part of the UTS clique – I only posted this because I couldn’t believe some of the garbage and negativity on here. Fair play to the sarcastic responses – shame the recipients were too miserable to even get them!

Those interested in the sarcastic responses could do no better than to check out the thread on the message board. Registered Saddler had a great example that cleared a few peoples’ heads:

I find it unfathomable how Grof managed to keep a clean sheet. Presumably Notts County had no shots on target otherwise they would have been certain goals against our clueless and confidence-shot young goalkeeper.

What is more, Smith’s substitution and formation change midway through the half must have cost us any chance of a more comfortable victory, bearing in mind how he only ever makes changes that unsettle and disrupt the side.

Remember how we looked on enviously earlier in the pre-season at the fact the Notts County had made all those new signings? Their Hereford rejects were brilliant, their signings were made in June, their players had names we’d heard of; for all these reasons I knew that Notts County were a far superior club to Walsall in every way imaginable. This result has stunned me and I fully expect Walsall to return to their abhorrent worst by Tuesday night. Thanks a lot Smith, Gamble and Bonser. League Two here we come

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