Shrewsbury 1 Saddlers 0

roger6 @ 7:15 pm Monday 15 October 2012

The Saddlers entertained the nation with a dazzling display in front of the Sky cameras yesterday, but undeservedly came away with nothing despite dominating goal attempts.

Saddlers was at the game and reminds the moaners via the message board to take a reality check:

Having watched on TV again – I think that the frustrations of missing a consierable amount of chances and not having a target upfront took over the fact that, on another day we’d have scored anywhere between 2 and 5 goals. The football in the first half and in fact, throughout the game is good. Some things need addressing. I’d loan Hemmings, Brandy and Williams out – replace them with another winger and a hard centre forward that can receive the ball into feet, but hold it up and we’l be 100% fine.

Last season we moaned at how dire the football was, the lack of interest in the club, old journeymen players. All I can say is thank god Smith hasn’t signed anything like that. Compare the Dads Army we had in 07/08 with Danny Sonner, Paul Hall, Darren Wrack, Martin Butler etc to the team we have now. It only takes 1 or 2 of them to have a 2nd half of the season like the 1st – Baxendale and Bowerman for example and people will be talking about fees.

Seriously, If you can’t be bothered to come and watch this football with this team, you’v seriously lost interest in either the club or football all together and perhaps both.

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