The No News Round-Up 9

Exile @ 5:45 am Sunday 28 June 2009

Straight from the internet, more old guff about the club that never sleeps in the close season…

Preseason Starts Thursday
In a bold and innovative move, the Saddlers start preseason team training without a team. The UTS Friendly Crew from Wednesday night might want to wash their kit and turn up at Essington in case they’re needed to make up the numbers for a five-a-side.

Alternatively, those senior squad members who’re signed up might want to pop down to Goals on Wednesday night and reacquaint themselves with what a football looks like, and make up the numbers for a five-a-side.

New matchday routine
The club have announced that Mike Day will introduce a new era of matchday entertainment, interviewing players past and present, hosting quizzes and guiding autograph hunters at Bescot.

We think this is a great move, one which should see fans arriving a little earlier to meet their favourites and enjoy a pint and a pie (when available). It’s good to see the club give the fans the time of Day for a change.

Player supports Rotherham instead
Ian Breckin, former Notts Forest star, has turned down a move to Bescot, opting to go North instead of uprooting his lifestyle. Whilst it’s fair to say he could have done a job for us, we’re sure there’s plenty more opportunities and we’re glad Hutch hasn’t had to go Breckin the bank to land him.

Express and Star change headline: shock!
Gasps of amazement were heard across the planet as internet users logged in to the E&S transfer rumours page to view the now-familiar “Walsall – nothing to report” comment. Instead, they were greeted with “No news for Saddlers today”.

It’s fantastic that the Stir has seen fit to personalise it’s coverage of Walsall. Now all it has to do is find the news.

That’s about it for the moment. Remember – we’ll (probably not) be first with the transfer news. Will Billy put pen to paper? Is the Banks’s's’s kitchen up to good Italian food, and can they find a reliable groundnut supplier? All might be revealed soon.

Meantime, discuss it all on the messageboard, where your message may be locked randomly according to the prevailing mod mood


The No News Round-Up 6

Exile @ 9:27 pm Monday 08 June 2009

Welcome to the round-up, in which the Walsall current affairs scone has the sultanas removed and dissected….

Manager’s poker bluff pays off
With the news that Ince, Gilmartin, Smith, Sansara and Palmer have all promised to sign up for next season, Hutch looks to have managed a best 5 from 7 in Walsall Hold’Em, the game in which you assemble the best squad from a rank selection and blag your opponents into thinking it’s a great deal really.

As we’re playing on the $10 buy-in tables, there’s plenty around to meet our criteria (cheap, hopefully cheerful), and it’s good news to see some shape to the squad relatively early in the close season. We’re especially lucky to have beaten off all those big clubs chasing ‘Ace’ Palmer, whose versatility as a squad player is vital.

Still waiting on Ibehre (agent issues) and Zaaboub (holiday issues).

Take your seats, please!
This week is the last week for season ticket holders to reserve the seat they sat in last season before they’re put back on general sale. Best get in quick, or if you wait till next week you might get Geoff Whiting’s old seat, complete with tea stains on the concrete underneath. At least, we hope it’s tea.

Transfer rumours
We were going to look at some of the juicier rumours but there aren’t any. The reappearance of Mark Wright ought to be good for about 10 season tickets, but will cause 15 others to be ripped up, while the possibility of signing Jimmy Walker appears to have evaporated following Ince and Gilmartin’s capture. No doubt the thought of the diminutive ex-Hammer driving North made them sign up sooner rather than later.

Barry Hayles doesn’t bear thinking about, the Walker question has been answered, so there’s only one thing left to suggest: Darren Byfield. Now old enough to think about returning.

That’s it for now, shorter than usual as there’s not much happening. I’ll leave a longer gap till 7.

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