MK Dons 2-4 Walsall: Plastic Fantastic

Exile @ 10:44 pm Wednesday 26 December 2012

[update - admin wrote his post while I was waiting for a report. Never mind! Two is better than none, and it helps to rub it in just a bit...]

What a difference half a week makes. After exactly three months waiting for a three point match, we get two games, two smashing wins, and all of a sudden things look a lot better than they did.

To win away at Suicide City was the stuff of dreams, at least according to betfair and their mates, who had us up as high as 9/1 against, but the Saddlers didn’t stick to the script. In the end Franchise gave us a very welcome late present by rolling over at home and conceding four goals in one game where they’d previously conceded only five in the league all season. It’s always nice to be able to pass on the stuffing at Christmas, especially to the plastic club with no history.

New(ish) UTS regular Tracker34 was at the match, and after several celebratory ales has come up with something resembling a report – thanks mate!

4 shots on target – 4 goals!!

Certainly unexpected but well deserved – keep it going to Orient!

McCarey 6: Felt he could have done better with the second goal and wasn’t too commanding of his area today, may have been down to the wet and breezey conditions, but still not convinced he is anything better than Grof.

Purkiss 7: When Taundry was in I think we all knew that Purkiss was a superior player however I’d forgotten just how much better. Willing to get forward, able to catch defenders trying to run past him down the wing. I’ll even forgive the odd HOOF!
Butler 7: As you’d expect, won a few headers, liked a tackle, took a booking for the team…
Downing 7: You don’t really notice him on the pitch, doesn’t get much wrong which for a young defender in the early matches of his career is ok with me!
Taylor 8: Few strong tackles, few good bursts forward and some great defensive work especially considering that he had little help from Paterson infront of him.

Mantom 6: Good running performance but didn’t really do too much. A bit hesitant in closing players down in first half but improved
Chambers 8: Another great performance. I wasn’t the biggest fan of his return to the first team but has certainly justified it these last two games. Got stuck in.
Patterson 6: Don’t get me wrong it was a great finish for the goal and don’t mind a few misplaced/overhit passes on a day like this but he was unfortunately the worst in a Walsall shirt today. Certainly needs to harden up and also find a way of getting some defensive nous.
Westcarr 7: Looks like he’s starting to get a good link with Brandy going. Best I’ve seen him play for us.

Brandy 9: He seems to terrify teams, also seems to win 90% of our free kicks. Good running all game typified by his burst and trickery at the end of the game to win the free kick leading to Patersons goal. Can do a mean somersault too – worth watching the highlights for!
Grigg 9: Well he’s an international striker isn’t he!! Looked stronger today, looked confident. Didn’t see his second too well but great turn and finish for his first. Keep it up!

Cuvelier 7: Came on, looked classy when he got the ball, will be great to have him for a full 90 mins!!

Just a quick one on MK – I like the place, I like the facilities, I like the set-up, the stewards are friendly, they sell bacon rolls. It’s such a shame they are an odious club of the highest order.

Onward and upward, hopefully. Next up – Leyton Orient away.

Thanks to MK mongs for the six pointer. Can we play you every week?


Walsall 0-2 Plastic: sod’s law

Exile @ 9:44 am Sunday 30 October 2011

Keeper sent off, form team can only score two. What would it have been otherwise? Yet again, the Saddlers get the wrong throw of the dice. You make your own karma, one day it’ll come our way. Plenty of fans were at the game and those that were there don’t think we should dismiss our keeper or sack our manager. Here’s a match report from UTS regular Brackley:

I have got to congratulate the lads on a gutsy performance todayfollowing Wacka’s sending off, which for the record I thought was an absolute joke! Assuming the lino was right, it would have been that marginal and was never a clear goalscoring opportunity as their man had our defenders around him…….

I can never remember a season thats only a 1/3 of the way gone, where we have had so many players sent off and from recollection all poor decisions……… as for the standard of refereeing and linesmanship it is nothing short of abismal – I have never seen anything like it!! :evil:

Immediately after the sending off, with Beevers taking the gloves we conceded 2 poor goals……… you couldnt of course blame the lad………. and as im sure we all thought the afternoon was going to descend in to a complete farce and an embarrassing scoreline.

Deano – I dont know whether Grof picked up an injury in the warm up or whether you decided to go it without a keeper on the bench……… if it was the latter, there is no defending what is an extremely poor decision at this level and particularly when you can name 5 subs….. ???? :oops:

Tactically, we had no choice but to make the changes we did and for me they worked extremely well and vindicated my previous view of how we should be using Gnakpa……..Paterson is most definately the cream of our youth and was most certainly worthy of his place.

The second half for me was a total credit to all the players…….. what a performance when we looked dead and buried at half-time. We hit the post, we had numerous half-chances from headers or snap shots when in good positions and the lad Paterson had bullet of a shot from 25 yards palmed away when it looked destined for the top corner. We defended in numbers, we got behind the ball and we broke down their play extremely effectively and then counter-attacked with some intelligent play at times…….

Im sorry….. but we are on the most appalling streak of dare I say bad luck, judging the last 3 games – the lads deserve better. We have the nucleaus of a workmanlike but dogged Div 1 side that needs 2 or 3 players to bring some results and consistency.

The defensive unit was again solid, the midfield was organised and looked settled in the 2nd half and acquitted themselves well and the front line of Gnakpa, Paterson and Nicholls inter-changing brought some hope that we may claw our way back whilst Beevers showed his flair between the sticks.

You can hold your heads up high for that today fellas – there was no shame in that result or performance!!

The No News Round-Up 5

Exile @ 6:14 am Sunday 07 June 2009

An irregular review of all non-events in the close season.

Walsall to do their best as chief scout appointed
Neckerchief and woggles optional for David Hamilton, the new chief scout for the Saddlers, and the first to earn some pay off Uncle Jeff for scouting since Pedagogue was a boy. Hamilton’s worked with Hutchings before, so this is another piece of backroom jigsaw, and a diversion from twelve months ago, when a certain managerial candidate was told he couldn’t bring in anyone else.

We think this is a positive move, reinforcing the long-held view that as we can’t afford quality, we may as well at least try to develop it and sell it ourselves.

Saddlers aim for bulls hit
A friendly has been arranged away against Hereford, meaning we can once more visit this lovely Welsh border town and meet the welcoming six-fingered residents. (extra) Fingers crossed they’ve bought some oil for the turnstile gates and that they’ll have more than 1 open before kick-off, which won’t be delayed, however many are left waiting outside.

Best avoid this match if you get high blood pressure from watching small town ineptitude. If that’s you, block out your diary for Saturday August 1 from (say) 2pm.

Use it or lose it!
Martsky & Hutch have got tough on the contract abstainers, advising them that offers will start be withdrawn if the players continue to pussy around.

Given that we’re used to operating in the dregs of the market, this is a welcome move, reminding the players that (Palmer excepted) the Premier League teams aren’t coming in for them, and there’s plenty more where they came from.

Jabo does enough to earn a contract
With the Franchise, we think. His burst of activity towards the end of the season, when he reckoned he might be out on his ear after being pushed down the pecking order, might have borne fruit. MK Dons, on the receiving end of one of his rare goal-bound efforts, look to be hunting his signature. See ya, Jabo. Loved your work rate.

That’s all for now. We’ll bring you news of the new signings as soon as there are any.

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