VAT brings small change to club

Exile @ 10:08 pm Wednesday 29 December 2010

The club have imposed a ticket price increase of 50p across the board as VAT changes come into effect on January 4th. Unsurprisingly to those familiar with the way the club works, this increase is over and above the increase in VAT for every category of ticket. Every. Single. Ticket.

Worst hit are extra kids on family tickets and unaccompanied kids, who’ll be giving the club between 2% and 4.9% extra, on top of the 2.5% to the taxman. Obviously this is because their tickets are cheaper, so a 50p increase makes more difference.

What’s concerning is the increase covers almost everyone going into the ground except the season ticketholders who were lucky enough to secure their pass for this season’s scintillating entertainment at the old price, but we’ll no doubt hear more on that subject at the end of the season when the early bird offers come out.

What do you think of the "VAT" increaes?
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  • Could have been thought through a bit more (33%, 51 Votes)
  • What's the problem? (32%, 49 Votes)

Total Voters: 155

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So just why is the price of a ticket going up over the rate of VAT for absolutely everyone? Would the club care to explain just how arbitrary their 50p increase is? Probably not, as it’s no doubt due to bumbling ineptitude rather than any cynical manipulation of the long-suffering fans. Perhaps there’s a better alternative that could be looked at though, if it’s not too late.

First off, don’t increase the prices for the new year’s day fixture against Notts County. The VAT rise doesn’t take effect till January 4th.

Secondly, look at each tier of tickets separately and apply an increase that matches. Perhaps the best result would be to take your 50p of your adult customers, by far the majority of the crowd, and hold prices for the kids and also pensioners if possible. If not, put them up by a little, not a lot, say 20p. That’d give Mr. Taxman his fair take, and treat the club’s supporters with the respect they deserve.

Thirdly, apologise for making such a ham-fisted adjustment when you could have handled it better.

PR isn’t hard, so why doesn’t anyone at Walsall FC think of these things before charging ahead?


The No News Round-Up 8

Exile @ 11:39 pm Saturday 13 June 2009

Nothing ever happens in the close season, so we thought we’d better document it…

The Taxman Cometh
League clubs have voted to approve a new rule for the coming season. If you fall behind in payments to Her Madge’s Revenue, you’ll be subject to a transfer embargo.

Pardon me for spotting the obvious, but with the transfer window only open mid-season, it’ll be pretty easy to splurge your war chest and speculate, then wait till May before settling up with the government. Still, better than nothing, and raises awareness I suppose.

Dann Windfall as Brum Pay Up
AS Dann moves from the Sky Blues to the, er, Blues, the Saddlers will get a slice of the cash from their sell-on clause. 18 months service to Coventry will have seen this drop back a few % but we’ll certainly have a nice little cheque coming our way.

Just in time to pay off the tax man so we can make some free transfers, eh?

Roberts Recovery Rumour
News is reaching UTS that Stephen Roberts may well be recovering from a severe case of knee-knack, compounded by bad back. No doubt he’ll be nearing fine by the pre-Season, and ready by Christmas, so he’s able to make his case for a new contract.

Good luck in recovering, Stephen.

We’ll bring you the transfer news as soon as we hear some. That’s all for now – Mrs. Exile wants the kitchen tidied.

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