1,000 on the gate

Pomlett has said today that adding 1,000 to the gate could make a big difference. No great shock in that statement, but we’re very suddenly in a position where this could be achievable.

Interested to hear how UTSers think the club, fans and supporters groups could contribute to achieving this, perhaps as a joint initiative.



I think the suggestion, by somebody else on here, of re-introducing early-bird season ticket prices until the Forest Green game and refunding those who have already purchased at full-price, would be a fantastic gesture.


I think that would definitely encourage people to purchase. Unsure on whether this would actually happen. Wonder what, if anything, will happen with ticket prices next year in order to attract fans back as well as new fans.

Great shout.

With the new found optimism of having bonser gone and a fresh start with pomlett at the helm. Plus having a good manager in Clarke who pulls no punches is very likeable and honest. We have a very good base to get the extra supporters through the turnstiles and I think we will see an increase to start off with. But ultimately its results and performances that will move us on to the next step in increasing our fan base. UTS

But surely they will all be made reduntant now? :rofl:

You’re a little tinker, Chunkster!

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:laughing: one way of avoiding the swear filter because i know what you really mean :joy::wink:

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Might sound daft and a little cliche but what if all the supporters groups and sites became UNITED.

The Trust, ISSA, WSFC, OPB, WFHYS, SaddlersStats, Bescot Banter and Vital Walsall all came together and started a promotion campaign. Very similiar to the 5k to MK initiative Wolves groups did a few years back?

I am sure with the reach all these accounts have we could ram up some support? Maybe even distribute some leflets to surrounding areas near to Banks’s to join the new era kind of thing.

Local media would surely help the campaign.

I am just trying to think of new ways of doing it. Its time for the folk of Walsall to back their town.


I think we should start to give initiatives to family and young supporters, we have missed a trick there over the last few years.


Yes, refunding me would be a very good idea as I only renewed mine last week. I paid nearly £100 more so definitely up for that.

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Agree with this - all the accounts combined have a wide reach and some sort of campaign will definitely get a few more in

Even the club need to do more though to promote upcoming fixtures during the week to push sales a bit, put tweets/posts out regularly and say why fans should come, get the marketing guys to get short videos of the manager and players saying how they appreciate the support and how it helps boost their performance etc

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As has been said many times on here, we need to make it easier for walk-up fans to get into the games. Quite simply that means having an unreserved area served by turnstiles that accept cash and contactless, and possibly the same type of technology recently intoduced at Wycombe (ticketing App, QR code etc), and get rid of the £2 rise for pay on the day, the only reason we have queues with 3500 fans is because its impossible to just turn up, pay and get in, penalising fans financially for that is ludicrous.

Dedicated matchday buses from around the borough might help. We must have one of the few out of town grounds that doesn’t have this. I’m from the north of the borough and when I was about 10 I could get to and from Fellows Park in 20 minutes, and so I did it. We keep on about encouraging young supporters, ticket prices are one side of things, you could make it free admission but if its a mission to get there and back it doesn’t matter.


This is what I’m talking about.

Me and my mates lived in Burntwood and there was a WM bus from Sankey’s Corner to Hillary Street and back. It made it so easy for us as 16 year olds to get to games easily. Bring them back!

More ticket offers needed.

Obviously relegation hasn’t helped but would be good if club chose a game or early on in the reign where it was a tenner to sit anywhere in the ground. Would be ideal for a midweek fixture v Stevenage or whoever is coming for a Tuesday night.

If you could get crowds up by 1k then I’d like to see home fans behind both goals particularly as they’ll be some very meagre away following this season (Forest Green will probably struggle to bring over 100 fans for a Saturday 3pm).

I know this has been discussed before and been ruled out by the club but it would show the new open and engaging Pomlett era if the club would at least trial it for 3-4 games and see how things go rather than not bothering as it all sounds like too much hard work.

If that was the one that went down Lichfield Road then its the one I used to get on. Out of the exit at the Street End, straight home after, easy!

With the cut down on WM Travel budget can’t our travel arrangers ie Wayne Bowes or Olly Beckett stick on a coach/mini bus for a small fee to pick up at bigger places at certain times on a Saturday?

I dunno maybe Aldridge, Pelsall, Bloxwich, Beechdale and Bentley?

Travel shouldn’t be an issue mind with trains and buses frequent, I just think some want to be picked up on the doorstep and dropped off on the doorstep.

Campaign must be called ‘Back in the Saddle’, by the way…


ISSA run a service from the club house they use as a base. They originally talked about being mobile and meeting at various places around Walsall to get more fans involved. Not sure what happened to that idea. They’re the only organisation with a physical dimension though, so start there?