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Without a game to distract, feel free to talk about anything Walsall.

What’s your favourite pub in Walsall? Of all time, so it doesn’t still have to be there.

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I like a nice hot chilli con carne

The WateringTrough when I was in my teens.

Also liked the Hatherton Arms. Nice cosy little boozer. Now flats I think.


White Lion, in it’s glory days. Big fan of The Fountain, Wheatsheaf, BCA and the Kats, too.


Cuckoo and Bell in Stafford Street. When Brad kept it used to have live rock bands each Saturday night.

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The Dilke used to be a good venue on a disco night, had some fumbles outside there in my youth, also the Chamelot, the only decent venue for a drink and some music seems to be Wood farm.

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I should have said that when I visit Walsall now The Fountain is my preferred watering hole.

I used to enjoy the Birchills Tavern in the early 70s,Nelly Burns used to open almost 24/7.It was only a small pub,but I loved it.

Walsall - the whole place is a shadow of its former self, agree or disagree? Why?

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All the money has gone into big metropolitan centres. You look at the middle of Brum and it has had billions and billions spent on it. And to be fair, it is pretty smart and since the concrete collar of the inner ring road has been removed it is now breathing pretty spectacularly. Exactly the same has happened here in Liverpool and down the road in Manchester.

The satellite towns to all of those cities have been neglected and fallen into disrepair. And so as the big city centres have got better so more people are prepared to travel into them meaning that those satellite towns see less and less footfall and therefore lose more and more of whatever sparkle they have left.

I was in Eccles, a small town just outside of Manchester the other day. Grim isn’t the word. Such a shame because through the boarded up shops, bookmakers, run down boozers and charity shops you could see what a cracking town it must have been once upon a time.

Up here, Southport was an absolutely viable alternative to Liverpool for shopping and a day/night out when I first moved up. Now it’s no contest. Liverpool wins hands down because it has had those billions pumped in.

Of course the idea is that the wealth trickles out and trickles down. It rarely does.


If we are going for a shopping day now we go to Birmingham, because Walsall is just to depressing,and if we just want to go for a bit of a wander, we go to Lichfield, which is closer to us. I wish i could afford to live in Lichfield.

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Sad to say but it is just so run down now it’s unreal, not the vibrant place i spent most of my youth growing up in, not just the pubs and shops, but the characters as well, if you wanted to find someone you knew which pub they would frequent, you knew where to get that special pair of jeans or designer shirt, just opposite the old casino, the market was fantastic, everything is now all cheap and nasty stalls selling fruit and veg for £1 a tub, cheap bed linnen, as opposed to Lichfield and Birmingham, as i have just mentioned, i went to Lichfield last night with some mates, we started off in the Angell then onto the Pig then Indian Village for what i can only describe as a superb meal, then ended up at the Gorge 1V for the disco, it blows other city centres out of the water for choice and quality.

Seen some cracking gigs at Junction 10.

I live in Willenhall which has seen its Saturday market decrease to 3 stalls if you are lucky. The whole place used to be a vibrant place on market days where we would bump into many a relative. It is totally dead now like it used to be on a Sunday. Such a shame. If I want a day shopping, I go to Shrewsbury as it is so pretty and has so much to offer including numerous places to eat. Shame they have had to contend with this flooding issue.

Have to agree regarding Shrewsbury Cats, I often have a drive down the M54 and spend a day there, it’s a beautiful town with some nice eating places, also often travel into Lichfield which is a lovely place to shop and have a stroll around. I would sooner visit these places than Walsall town centre, oh and it’s great to go into Brum on the metro.

Better known colloquially as Yates`s.

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While I personally think theres some truth to it, I also think theres a danger to declaring a place run down compared to how it used to be.

Its been proven the mind remembers a lot of things more favourably than they actually were. Maybe Walsall wasnt ever that bad we just didnt notice in our salad days , running around drinking with mates, chasing girls amd discovering football?

I must try Lichfield, never really been there.

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Nice place to walk around. Shops, Bakeries, Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, and then you have Stowe Pool, the Cathedral and Beacon Park you can walk around.

If I could afford to, I’d live there.