10k for Acorns Children’s Hospice - Completed

So, you may or may not be aware that I was going to run the Great Birmingham 10k for Acorns on May 31st - that event inevitably got cancelled.

I decided I was going to do the event myself on the same date. However, I’ve just done it now :flushed: after walking 16 miles at work already.

I know some of you have kindly donated already, but if anyone else would be happy to donate to a great cause please do, I will appreciate it more than you know - Www.justgiving.com/robharvey1503


That’s fantastic, well done Rob. Excellent time. Will you be continuing with your running?

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Yes, 100%.

Might even try and build up to a half marathon at some point. Going to look at getting a bike too.

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Well done mate.

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Thanks mate

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That’s fantastic Rob. It’s wonderful when the bug bites. I’ve had so many great years running, the camaraderie is fantastic. When you’re ready, and if you fancy it, join a local club and the support you give each other is great.

I’m sure you have people down there to turn to, but if you ever want any advice about running, equipment, injuries, races etc, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

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Will do thank you.

I’m looking at the Stafford 10k next I think which is due to be in September.

2021 I have a big challenge planned - https://oxfamapps.org/trailwalker/

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Wow, that’s excellent. You’ll end up catching the long distance bug! My only advice on that is to take your time and build up slowly. I’ve seen too many friends go from short runs to 25, 50, even 100 miles and then be out injured for the next year or two. The body needs to build itself up to support these long distances.

Anyway, the main thing is to have fun and do what brings you enjoyment and happiness.

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I’ll be walking most of that, forget running. The Gurkha’s set a record of about 9.5 hours for the whole thing, that’s mad!

Well done Rob …, just chipped in with a “ couple o’ bob “

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Just seen, thank you very much very generous of you.

There are some crazy superhuman achievements out there. Google “Killian Jornet Bob Graham”. This guy came across to England and smashed a long distance hill record that had stood for years and which some thought was unbeatable.

Just over £1000 today! Thank you

I’ve decided to extend what I’m going to do for Acorns being as though there is a lull at the moment with no football.

Update to follow

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Well done Rob. Good job it didn’t take as long to complete as the card.


I’ve decided to extend my fundraising for Acorns whilst the season is suspended - going to post more details in a bit