11 Years Ago Today

One of the best 34 minutes of football I remember, from Emmanuel Ledesma!


8 games left after that one and we were still in the relegation zone having played 4 more games than Dagenham and Redbridge!

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When their second went in I thought we were down.

My lad who would have only been six or seven at the time said he’d go and touch one of the white seats in the upper for luck. Five goals later and it seemed to have worked.

Only time it did mind!

Great comeback, brilliant day, or at least, a brilliant half hour or so. :grinning:
All our goals were down the “wrong” end, which was a shame, but that didn’t really matter that much.

This game gives me fond memories of Ledesma. If only we could have kept him for longer.

I remember that Hartlepool game well. That well-known monkey-hanger, Jeff Stelling, could hardly contain his delight on Sky’s Soccer Saturday when Pools went 2-0 ahead. However, his presenter colleagues (including Paul Merson) took the p**s out of him something rotten as we clawed our way back to eventually (and finally) lead.

Forgot my season ticket at home and realised at half 2, managed to get in at 2:59 and at 2-0 down at half time i was thinking i shouldn’t have bothered :laughing:

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Here’s the link to the goals.


Amazing how quickly football changes, looking at the table at the time 5 teams have been/are still in the Premier League, and 5 have been/are still Non League.

I remember someone by me walking out when we went 2 down. Never know what will happen in football!


A Walsall fan was thrown out at 2-0 down, he must have been amazed when he heard the score afterwards. I used to see him regularly although I never knew his name, but haven’t seen him since that day. Either he is in a different part of the ground (possible, I know several who go upstairs but I never see them at the games) or that was the day that finally broke him.

11 years ago today, Dean Smith taught the lads to play :rofl:

“A memorable win for The Strugglers”!

Strange how the memory plays tricks. Whenever I’ve thought back to that game, in my mind I’ve always pictured it as a midweek night match.

There was a clip on YouTube of Stelling’s reaction to every goal and the panel taking the pee, but this seems to have disappeared sadly.

Unbelievable I was already looking for it.
Hope this works. Enjoy!


This game gives me fond memories of Ledesma. If only we could have kept him for longer.

I echo those sentiments. He was a great player.

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I also spent ages trying to track it down. Looks it won’t play, archived on some dodgy Far Eastern site

I used waybackmachine.
It takes a while to load at times. One time it only played the sound. Very unreliable.

That was Brentford, 3-2 win after being 1-2 down with about 20 minutes left I think.

Nerve jangling but what an exciting end to the season that was. Can randomly remember pacing round the living room around Easter waiting for Dagenham game v Plymouth to finish. Plymouth won 1-0 which was ideal as they were already down with the points deduction and Daggers had endless games in hand but that defeat was very costly for them in the end.