15yr old striker

Can’t believe DC was considering putting Luke Pearce in the squad at Stevenage,surely that’s a LOT of pressure to put on a 15yr old,and if he’d got on the pitch it would literally be a case of men against boys.Good luck to the guy,but I think at 15 (no matter how good he is),an experienced centre half would have him in tears in no time.

Luke Pearce

Luke Matheson at Rochdale didn’t seem to have much issue dealing with big bad strikers, he’s even got a move to Wolves now.

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That’s a very outdated view Sid.

Football ain’t like the old days, if anything these “nothing to play for games” on the stroll to the end of the season are perfect chances for young lads.

what I read from it anyway was he would just be on the bench, with not much danger of him actually coming on.

Outdated?I was just thinking about the kid @Thanatos,a bad experience at 15 can scar him for the rest of his career,I just think that physically/mentally a 15yr old kid (by and large) is not going to gain much by playing with grown men.

Me personaly would love to this kid have a go ripping past league 2 defenders . That lad for celtic is 16 and he seems really good .so you never know

hes goto start somewhere…Keep wrapping him up aint going too learn him too the real world of football!

Chuck him on last 20 and let him run wild and do what he does.

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Spot on .why not . He carnt possibly be any worse than gaffney

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If I recall correctly- and during our last season at this level, to boot- Money would occasionally bring Troy Deeney to away games with the first team squad, with no great intention of actually using him (although those games being meaningful in a promotion race differentiate these situations- much more scope for Pearce to get a taste of game time now). The general idea was to get him comfortable with the whole professional matchday feel, experience, and process.

I’d say, in hindsight, it can’t have done any harm.

Each case should be considered on its merits. if the lad is a real talent and is physically strong with a mature personality then give him a go. Only the manager can judge these things. I cannot help thinking though that introducing Candlin at 16 was a mistake by the then Manager as the lad does not seem to have benefitted.


Another thread reaching for a reason to have a pop at DC.



The sole reason Candlin has not broken through is because of a lack of football 2 years ago when he coukd have madea difference.

Good enough, old enough.


Well as the on who started the thread,nothing was further from my mind @SamsaraSaddler.

I have no problem bringing the young lads in to get a taste of first team football.
I admit 15 is very young, but if DC didn’t think he was ready, I seriously doubt he would be given the opportunity.
Jude Bellingham is only 16 and is absolutely killing it at Blues!


Football is a different game to what it was 25 year ago. Players in general are much better protected by the ref . If he’s good enough he’s old enough let him have a taste .
It’s actually really exciting and refreshing that we could have number of our own youngsters pushing for places in the team next season.


15 year olds nowadays are completely different to 15 year olds in the 70/80’s they don’t show fear they don’t feel pressure the days of butterflies on debuts a thing of the past kids don’t give a ■■■■ these days as Jude Bellingham is showing as he rips the championship up so I have no issue at all with this situation.


Have to agree with the old saying …if they are good enough , they are old enough


Wayne Rooney was 16 when he scored his wiiner for Everton against an Arsenal team that ended Arsenals 30 game undeaten run. He went on to score for England when he was 17 in a Euro qualifiying game against Macedonia.
If you’re good enough your old enough!


League 2 is a ■■■■ level of football , throw him in it would be great for the kid.

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Campbell spoke very highly of him playing a first team reserve match when Rooney was 14.

Some players are ready then others will be.