20 Million

Ladies and Gentlemen,
If you were fortunate enough to gift the club 20 million pounds, money you have total control of, how would you like them to spend it?

Bring Jimmy back
Erect a brass penis statue in the car park to commemorate our number 1 fan.


Start A new Walsall Fc with a new ground, you don’t think i would trust that lot to piss 20 mill up the wall do ya? :laughing: :wink:


Buy the freehold
Sack Mole and Gamble
Invest in the team.


I’d tell Pomlett to make sure my desk was tidy and mind not to catch his arse on the door as he left.

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I’d buy the stadium,sell cheap season tickets,invest in the team get us into the championship , then I’d get called a wanker a waste of space took us as far as he can told to get out of our club etc that’s the way football works I think.


1.Freehold 2. Get rid of the stanchions. 3 team

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If I had 20 million I wouldn’t be donating it to Walsall F.C. I’d find a nice place in the sun and get an I-Follow subscription :wink:


30k will get you this in Herne Bay Kent and leave a bit of the 20 million for other things.

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No you wouldn’t! You couldn’t keep away from the games :wink:

We’d never get to sit upstairs if you owned the club :wink:

Don’t do it Otis :flushed: :wink:

IF i WAS lucky enough to win and put 20 million into the club, i would want a complete clear out, i wouldn’t want ANYONE in the current hierarchy anywhere NEAR the club, unless they wanted to buy a discounted season ticket.

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Not so sure nowadays mate. I didn’t really miss it that much during the downtime during the pandemic. It’s only really cos our George has really took to it that I have been going so much this season.

I still love Walsall of course I do, but I don’t push myself to get to games like I once did.


I lived the saddlers back in the day, but even though i have seen every game this season, i haven’t been to a game yet :disappointed:

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£20m…. so Jeffs giving me his pension pot?

Only half of it.

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Last thing I’d do is buy the stadium and hand him any more money.


Buy the club, build a new stadium tell Bonser and his pension fund to f*** themselves.


Get rid of Banks as a sponsor and get some decent beer in

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