20 Million

Looked in on a Camra festival here up North some time ago and Bank’s ale was being put forward as a ‘top’ favourite!!!

There must of been some poor beer there

20 million buys a lot of hi-vis drawstring bags.

A sound investment if ever I saw one, a couple of stalls at the Sunday market, then everything else would take care of itself once the payback began rolling in.

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Buy the ground, rip the Saddlers Club down and build a proper pub looking building instead of some outdated function room, half would be a normal pub, half would be a desi pub serving the finest mixed grills in the land.
The rest would go on transfers, wages, I’d tell them to spend it wisely though cos when it’s gone it’s gone!



1.Freehold 2. Get rid of the stanchions. 3 team

My thoughts exactly. Great minds think alike.

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If I had 20 million I wouldn’t be donating it to Walsall F.C. I’d find a nice place in the sun and get an I-Follow subscription :wink:

I have that…except the 20 million!

This is why i dont think many are bothered about the saddlers club now its outdated and there are better options for fans only ones i hear that miss it are away fans.

We can only hope!! That would be sensational.