2001 Play Off Final DVD

Just been having a sort out at home and came across my Play Off DVD that I made back in the day and thought that some of you might fancy a watch during the lockdown. It’s not HD quality by any means as it was taken from the video recording I made at the time (kids - ask your parents about video recorders) but it’s good enough to watch and enjoy. It’s the whole coverage - pre-match and post match- taken direct from Sky Sports 2 (remember that?)
If anyone wants me to post a copy I’d just ask for a contribution to the cost of the disc and the postage - not in it for profit!
PM me if you want one!


All those requests so far will be posted today

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No idea how to PM you but I desperately need 3 copies of the dvd. How di I get your details and how can I pay you?

Dave Gutteridge

Hi Dave
What’s your email address?

[email protected]

I see the full Slough match is available on YT, that’s one if you’re brave enough! :joy:


I never want to see that again…

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I think I downloaded it from your Google drive some years ago.

Now where is it?

I do have VHS tapes of said match, but they’ve probably disintegrated in the HK climate (as do books and the kind of photos you got printed in a shop).

Now does my VHS machine work?

I also had a Betamax. Much better picture quality.

I’ve found the full version of extra time on my Google drive, if anyone wants the link to that.

I’d love one of these! Is it something you could upload to a Google Drive account or something else?

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Great day, so many happy memories.

Looking at the line-up, and the quality of the subs, it’s a bit depressing to think of what we’ve been the last few years.