2011 v 2019


Which team is worse man for man?

This is easily the worst team I’ve seen for many a season, limited group of players at this level playing an eye watering brand of football.

2010-11 version was bottom 4 for most of the season and were embarrasingly bad for the spell under Hutchings. Even that team had Butler in defence from November who is better than anything in this back 4 and then likes of Gray, Macken and Richards.

Which was the poorer team?


this one for me.


This one without a doubt. We can’t defend, we give teams too much space- we don’t press at all, we have zero creativity in midfield, our “wingers” can’t put a decent cross in and our movement off the ball is non-existent. On today’s performance, I would only keep Roberts, Devlin, Kinsella, Cook and possibly Blackett-Taylor (if Villa allow it). We’m Cr@p


Deffo this one, cant see this team ever pulling a 6-1 out of the bag!


Times have changed!
Only a few months ago, there was a thread comparing the 18/19 team to the 15/16 team - featuring some nitwits who included Zeli in a “best of” eleven.


Add Dobson and Ferrier to that list and you are not far out. Actually I would like us to sign Johnson. Only a few games I know but to me he looks better than either Scarr or Fitzwater.


I’m trying not to over-react, but I really think this is the worst Walsall team I’ve ever seen. I’ve been going since 94/95.

Previous poor teams under Mullen, Merson and Hutchings were all better teams IMO. Those teams all had some quality, albeit poorly organised and sometimes unfit.

This team has nothing, there is nothing there. There’s no leaders, no pride, full of loanees etc… Selling Ginelly, I think, in hindsight, will be a big mistake. And letting Morris go, but after his Mom’s intervention, there was never going to be any other outcome.

Cook is certainly talented, but I think he’s part of the problem, he’s not a dynamic enough striker, so we’re forced to play a certain way, and only in that way, making us easy to play against.


That thread was madness.

In 15/16 this club had some of the best players in their positions in this division playing…Sawyers, Bradshaw, Rico etc.

Even with the good start the team still had an workmanlike feel about it although was obviously effective in opening six weeks.


Unless this team gets relegated, which it well might, it has the right to declare itself better than the relegation team of 2006. This team also retains the opportunity to be better than or at least on a par with several near miss relegation teams in the period you refer to, in the event that we do indeed narrowly avoid relegation. This team is somewhat better than the ones in the 5 years previous to the years you started watching by the way,just for your information.


This team is a shambles.


They are not a team at all, just a group of players with limited ability, un organised, de motivated and in some cases just coasting.