2022/23 Season Report Card

With just a handful of games remaining, give us your Walsall FC report cards and grades for the season. Interesting reading this could be :eyes:

They’d be the type who don’t warrant a report card

The kid doesn’t care
The parents don’t care
Report cards are irrelevant



They should all sit on the naughty step.

Do not sign players that hold fans in contempt for criticism of poor performance

Some positive signs which, sadly, you have failed to build on. How can we support you to recapture those levels? We know that it’s possible because you’ve given us tantalising glimpses of what you can do. Some elements, which are clearly holding you back and not serving you well, need to be ditched.

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17th, 18th and 20th still to play in our run in. Given how crap we are against struggling clubs it doesn’t look good for any more wins

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The wheel is turning but the hamster is dead

A complete failure all round with a bit of a cup run and DJ.


Has a devil may care attitude.

Thats really what mine said. Wasn’t true of me then, but seems quite appropriate in this instance for Walsall FC!