2022-23 season

The EFL have anounced that the first game of the season will be played on 30th July 2022. This is to do with the World Cup finals being played in November/December. The Championship will be halted from 14th November and resume on 10th December. Leagues 1 and 2 will play through as normal with the usual rules on player call ups for internationals.
Have we ever started a season in July before?

I’m glad UTS still has optimistic posters.

For the rest of us, any news on when the National League kicks off?:wink::wink:


We didn’t start this season til October :wink:


This season is becoming a write off. Too many players who are not good enough and worryingly we are stuck with some of these on 2 yr contracts. Let’s hope we can offload a few of them. I’d do the following

Keeper. Sign a new one

White. Terminate after one year if poss
Monthe keep him
Leak keep him
Menayese. Sign permanently
Taylor. Terminate contract by mutual consent
Ward. Release
Labadie keep. On 2 yrs anyway
Kinsella. Keep on 2 yrs anyway
Osadebe. Renew for 1 yr
Bates. Season long loan to non league
Perry. Release
Holden. 1 Yr contract offer if he can prove injury problems are over
Kiernan. Keep. Squad player only
Shade release.
Miller. Sign him. Don’t make us laugh Leigh re this wages. He’s a Barnsley reserve!
Philipps. Sign him.
Khan. Potential signing.

That leaves an awful lot of work to do in the transfer market and Pomlett needs to decide whether we are serious about Promotion or not. I think I know the answer…

Anyway those are my thoughts

I’m sure they will make up some new rules to nullify any complaints.

18 subs each? 8 drinks breaks a half? Who knows! :grin:

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Only Gensanx could turn a thread about the scheduling of the 22/23 season into a thread about releasing half the squad, with still 30 games left of this season left to play and after 1 defeat in 9 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


In the good old days we always started in September. Not until after World War One did we kick off a season with a game in August. That was in the Birmingham League, but our pre-war seasons in Division 2 had begun in September.

What’s he going with him self if we go 10 unbeaten

Even you would not hesitate to admit that the last few weeks of scheisen from our team has ben nothing short of abysmal…a very poor showing at Kings Lynn (who were beaten yesterday at home 6-2 by Wrexham, who haven’t been tearing up any trees of late) a footy lesson from a very adept FGR squad, and an appalling catastrophe at home against the mighty Harrogate, haven’t exactly seen us at our best!
The permanently unhappy Gensanx123 has every right to be asking questions of the squad make up for next season as this is one is yet again another write off.

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Season should start in June nevermind July. Make the most of the little sunshine we actually get. Instead we all have to freeze our bollocks off every week for most of the season.


Too right. And to clarify I’m happy sometimes. Good football, wins and good players help.

Yes a complete write off already I reckon. Mid table at best. Anyone who actually buys all this stuff about us having a top 7 budget is kidding themselves. I dont belive a word of it. Season tickets will plummet I think next Yr. What’s that song ‘I won’t get fooled again’ ringing loudly in the ears of supporters. A proper go at promotion is signing 5 or 6 players that other teams want and are proven at winners at this level. This season the Wilkinson Labadie and Taylor signings came, Steff took his cash flow statements into Leigh and all spending basically stopped. Fans ain’t buying it next year.

Aaah happy days

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Its Usually hotter in bloody September though

I thought we won at Kings Lynn? I also thought we went 7 or was it 8 games unbeaten? All without 3 of our best players. We did not hear a word from that gentleman? in all that time but an admittedly bad defeat and he is back with a vengeance. I don’t for one minute think this season is a write off but if it is we have the people in place to make sure next season is much better. They are excellent people.The club is being run professionally for the first time in years and we will succeed.BELIEVE

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Astonished that you want to keep Osadebe :joy:

I can see a possible problem with that.

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Well yeah. I know what you mean. Let’s hope he can be shipped back to Scotland

There is a player in Osadebe I think. Look at his Oldham cameo he was unplayable

1 in 5 games not good enough though

1 in 5? If only Osadebe’s good games were that often…nearer 1 in 25 games I’d say, i genuinely cant remember his last good game at home?

Given the next season starts in the first week of the school holidays and our current squad/position, we best craic on now.

Problem we have is we have no goals in this team except for 3 players. Miller Phillips and Wilkinson. 2 of those aren’t ours and are heavily reliant on quality service and 1 is always injured.
My main issue is our wingers and attacking midfielder are atrocious . Look at their goals and assists for the season so far and in oss case last season. We aren’t going anywhere unless our attackers actually attack

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We need to show abit of ambition and get Miller and Philipps in permanently. Hopefully in January They are 4th /5th choices for Huddersfield and Barnsley!!!