2022-23 season

Think you may be in a minority there WalsallOne my friend, but we always appreciate your unmitigated belief that things we be OK …one day perhaps, lets hope you and I live long enough to see that day! Just imagine, a Walsall team playing well again, winning at home and playing well away from home, scoring goals and heading towards promotion…then unfortunately we wake up!

Phillips? Not so sure on this, can’t lead the line by himself and not the most exciting winger

Minorities are sometimes right you know :grinning:

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If we aren’t having a break in L2 like the EPL and Championship but still starting early, does that mean less or even no mid-week league games (apart from re-arrangements)? Tuesday night jaunts to Oldham and Rochdale have become a bit of a tradition!

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No, we’re finishing in March - a bit like 2019/20!!