2022-23 Squad

Here’s our current squad with reported contract dates. I’ve only included injuries where they are likely to be out for a while. Corrections and additions welcome. I’ll try to keep this up to date as the season progresses.

1st team squad

1 Owen Evans 2y from Cheltenham gk - contracted until Summer 2024
2 Hayden White def - Summer 2023
++3 Liam Gordon 2y from Bolton - def - injury (foot, operation), Summer 2024
++4 Joss Labadie mid - injury (ACL, operation), Summer 2023
5 Donervan Daniels def - Summer 2024
6 Manny Monthe def - Summer 2023
++7 Joe Riley 2y from Carlisle fb, mid - injury (unknown) - Summer 2024
8 Liam Kinsella mid - Summer 2023
++9 Conor Wilkinson fwd - injury (ACL, operation), Summer 2023
11 Andy Williams 1y from Cheltenham fwd - Summer 2023
14 Brandon Comley 2y from Dag & Red mid - Summer 2024
15 Douglas James-Taylor loan from Stoke fwd - Summer 2023
17 Jack Earing mid - Achilles - Summer 2023
++18 Oisin McEntee 2y from Newcastle def - injury (dislocated shoulder, operation), Summer 2024
20 Flynn Clarke loan from Norwich mid - Summer 2023
21 Taylor Allen 1y from Forest Green mid - Summer 2023
23 Isaac Hutchinson 1y from Derby mid - Summer 2023 with option
25 Ronan Maher fwd - development squad?
26 Peter Clarke 1y from Tranmere def - Summer 2023
27 Timmy Abraham 1y from Fulham fwd - Summer 2023
30 Liam Bennett loan from Cambridge def - Summer 2023
31 Adam Przybek 1y from Wycombe gk - Summer 2023
39 Danny Johnson loan from Mansfield fwd - January 2023

Fringe players

Jack Shaw mid - first contract April 2022, to Summer 2023?
Shay Willock mid - first contract Aug 2021, to Summer 2023?
Rio Sawyers def - development squad?

Out on loan

Joe Foulkes def - option taken up May 2022, contracted until Summer 2023? Season-long Loan to Kidderminster
Sam Perry mid - option taken up May 2022, to Summer 2023? Season-long Loan to Yeovil
Rollin Menayese def - Summer 2024 Season-long Loan to Hartlepool
Brendan Kiernan mid - Summer 2023 On loan to Grimsby until January 2023


Be great if we can mutually agree to terminate Labadies contract in January. It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the plan.

Not many of those signings jump out at you as real quality! A squad of journey men with a distinctly mid-table look about them - let’s hope Mickey Flynn can get a tune out of them!


What would be the point? He’d probably be back up to fitness by then and we’d still need to pay the remainder of his contract if we let him go.

Mutually terminate in Jan. Dont pay his wages. Between Jan and June 2023. That’s if of course someone wants him. Can’t Imagine there will be many takers

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It seems to me that we spent MORE last pre season. Certainly in terms of the quality of player. All a bit bizarre given we were told a ‘series of strategic investments will be made’. In what exactly :grinning:.

in the saddlers club of course isn’t that why all fans go to the games :joy:

said it in the fan survey if the backing is purely spent off field you’ll have more and more fans thinking this is a land grab for the freehold to make a easy profit, I understand why they’ve prioritised some of the off field things but I feel like getting out of this league should of been the priority then that stuff!


Prepare for the Troll accusation for that one m8


More then prepared!
I dunno hopefully like the dicky dosh era we will click and be a hard to beat team and do it.
We can but hope!

Maybe the Yanks will turn it into a Hooters. After consultation of course

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It certainly won’t be a “Shooters” with the strikers we have!!


HOOTERS could be a right money spinner for the club 2bh. Matchday booze. Birds in orange shorts and vests dishing out the fried chicken.

What’s not to like.

Oh I dunno I’d image you’d moan about the size of the staff’s chests.


At least we would be playing two upfront!!


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Trivela could theme it!!! Stick them in Walsall tops!!!

You’d moan that their service wasn’t fast enough.

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Oh believe me it’s key that their service is very slow indeed.


The food poisoning you’ll get…

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thats a fair point couldnt give a monkeys about the saddlers club i care much more about us getting out of this divison we spend another season in it after this one then we really are as bad as we were in the early 90s where i think it took us 5 seasons to go up? this is our fourth season coming up.