2023/4 Kits

Still with Errea, should be announced in 2-3 weeks

I think it’ll be red this year.

With a bit of white maybe

The way walsall are going it would be the red kits already used last year chosen after a 8 week new kit and graphic process involving business professionals


Fuming errea shirts are crap


Bad when you have non league teams with better kits and brands than us

not sure why anyone over the age of 15 is bothered.

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Something with stripes & stars?

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If the NO- FO training top is anything to go by in price, what price will these be, have a feeling gonna be more than people think this year, especially with all the other price increases since the Yanks have come in

Couldn’t give a shite tbh.


Nobody cares. Joke of a club. Waste of money.


Errea again? Will Boycott ever make a decision independent of Pom and his crew?


Couldn’t care less.


I know it’s income blah blah but I just can’t look past Poundland being plastered on it, much prefer to grab myself a retro one for holiday, gym etc



To save money we should play skins next season.

Club Badge and Poundland tattooed on the front, squad number and name tattooed on the back. You’re either committed or don’t bother.


“Its what people of Walsall want” thus spaketh our current Associate and previous Commercial Director have prophesied

Love this idea, would make the “You’re not fit to wear the shirt” chants really really cutting. All for it, get it in the fans forum questions

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I’ve said before that the major manufacturers are too tied into what the premier league clubs want.
When we had a Nike shirt before the club could never get the shirts they wanted when they wanted them because all the production of our shirts would stop when Nike received a call from Arsenal asking for more.

I don’t wear replica shirts…. But a lot of non league clubs have Nike, Puma and Adidas…. Torquay United for example had a Nike kit then moved to Puma. Not a big fan base at these clubs but their supporters would still be in demand at their club shops I’m sure. We would sell far more merchandise if we had a leading brand IMO

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