3 Home games in a week

Yep it’s ok saying phone the ticket office, but you can’t get through.

A bit of what OtisWFC said plus the fact that attendances throughout the three EFL divisions at the weekend were not overwhelmingly better than normal.

Add on the fact that FGR last time was the start of a new post-Bonser era, we had won our opening away match at Northampton and it was a new ground for away fans.

In fact, thinking more about it, expect 4,500-4,800.

I’m surprised the club hasn’t done the school ticket thing they do for one of the 3 opening league games because they are all dreadful games with regards to probable attendance they usually pick the crappy games to do them , I suppose there’s plenty to pick from though come to think of it Crawley, Barrow, Harrogate, Hartlepool I reckon you could add up the away attendance for possibly upto 10 away team’s followings out of the 23 game’s and not fill the away end .


Perhaps Stevenage would be a good game to do it as that is traditionally not a crowd-puller, but I think the club are expecting a good turnout for FGR as it’s our first home league game (or were - the mood after the first 2 games might knock a few off the potential attendance figure?) and Scunthorpe is an evening game which is not ideal when doing the school kid thing due to the late finish.

Academic year doesn’t start until September so perhaps one of the early Autumn games. I’m sure I was told they are only allowed to do two or three ticket give-aways every season.

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Yep, there is a restriction on how many they can do. Never understood what the thinking of the league is for this, would be interesting to know. Whether it’s about protecting the value of their product I don’t know.

I’d have the school ticket offer for every home game in league 2 if it was allowed there’s obviously 100s of schools in the borough they could go around it would be great to see the family stand full every week.
It could have something to do with undervaluing the product I know they had a problem at Bayern Munich where because the season tickets where so cheap people where buying them and only using them for the big games that also happens at Bradford in league 2 I’ve been there and they’ve announced the attendance as 17,000 or something even the commentators on wm picked up on it once and literally started laughing out loud when they announced it because it was closer to 7,000 than 17,000.

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There are (or used to be) some rules around away tickets being the same price as your equivalent home tickets, and any offers made to home fans (like a couple of quid off if you buy in advance of matchday) has to be replicated for away fans too.

There may be an exception that you can do just a limited number of home fan-only offers in a season (“like friends for a fiver” and free tickets to schools) because if you do them more regularly/permanently then you have to do them for away fans too?

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