3 New additions today!

Christmas already?

Three in my opionion solid signings today:

Jack Rose returns on a permanent deal

✍️ Walsall Football Club are delighted to announce the signing of @jackrose95 on a permanent deal from @SouthamptonFC

👉 https://t.co/BxlylOi7Kh pic.twitter.com/Js7ocC2LKb

— Walsall FC Official (@WFCOfficial) September 3, 2020

Emmanuel Osadebe attacking Mid previously at Macclesfield > Southend

✍️ Walsall Football Club are delighted to announce the signing of former @thesilkmen midfielder Emmanuel Osadebe!

👉 https://t.co/EBMV0ZeDFQ pic.twitter.com/H9LhlS694G

— Walsall FC Official (@WFCOfficial) September 3, 2020

and Hayden White, right back on a free, but was at Mansfield Town

✍️ Walsall Football Club are delighted to announce the signing of Hayden White on a permanent deal from @mansfieldtownfc

👉 https://t.co/BUtkl51H2B pic.twitter.com/G1W0gjdxEp

— Walsall FC Official (@WFCOfficial) September 3, 2020

White looks to be a cracking signing

I rather like Osadebe, an ‘attacking’ midfielder, how long have we dreamed of such a player!

White is the pick of that lot, exactly what we needed :+1:

Now he’s permanent I’d like to see Rose given more of a chance too. Doesn’t pull off the saves Roberts does but looked far more reliable to me.

Don’t really get Osadebe, we signed Holden as an Attacking Mid and still don’t have a right winger. A problem we’ve had for well over 12 months now.

Maybe that’s exactly where he will be playing?

I thought he was central? But hey, hope you are correct.

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White/Norman Scarr/Leak Sadler/Clarke Nurse/CCM

Odasabe Guth/Sinco Bates/Kins Holden/Wes

Adebayo/Lavery Flash

Three very steady signings, all at a decent age but with good experience (perhaps with the exception of Rose).

5/1 still available for promotion… :thinking:

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Excluding, Nolan, Jules, Perry, Willis etc

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I agree we might not have a proven right winger, but if we’re going with 4-2-3-1 we have Holden, McDonald, Nolan, Osadebe to play in the 3, as well as Jayden Campbell if he’s going to be in and around the first team, plus Gordon played on the right on Saturday. Hopefully enough to give decent service to Lavery and Adebayo.

I would like a back up striker though, someone youngster on loan or something just as back up, then I’d say we have a fairly complete squad


Personally I think Gordon on the right is an absolute waste. He’s our most versatile, dynamic, threatening striker by a mile and has little to no end product our wide.

But I had forgotten about Nolan to be fair, who really needs more game time, so that’s somebody at least I guess.

We’ve kept loans to a minimum so maybe we can still get a recognised winger in that way.


Looking good lets hope we get off to a good start and set a tempo for the rest of the season. UTS.

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I had a feeling Rose would be back, didn’t do much wrong last season and will be good competition for Roberts.
White is a very good signing, a defender who can actually defend.
Osadebe I’m not familiar with, hopefully he can show us what he’s about as the season progresses.
It looks like we have plenty of cover for all positions except right wing.
DC knows we need a winger and is actively looking…a loan from one of our neighbours would be prudent!

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I’ve always thought Ayli looked decent when coming in from wide on the right. Trouble is, he usually did that when playing as lone or furthermost forward so there was never any bugger in the middle for him to feed.

Perhaps with Gordon/Lavery in the middle and a proper attacking midfielder getting into the box too, that might be his best position for us this season?

PS A mobile front 3 who can interchange with each other and keep the opposition defence guessing is probably an even better option.


For a moment little heart attack, Emmanuel Olisadebe. But no, Emmanuel Osadebe. But ok, heart calmed. Signings looks very promising, so I hope it will be good season. To be fair, I don’t remember that strong first eleven, maybe last season of Smith could be comparable, but it looks very good. So, good things to come.

Top 7 simply has to be the target now. A good start is a must.

Glad we have RB sorted, he seems like a solid player

Didn’t think we’d sign another CM but there’s plenty of competition there which is good and with the season being shorter and games coming quicker we’ll need the legs in there

Rose a continuation from last season so I’m more than happy with those signings - if we could get an equal to Wes on the opposite wing we’ll have a decent team

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3 useful signings in my opinion. White and Osadebe will add much needed height to the team which will be needed in certain matches.

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We may even be able to score from corners :smiley: