3 up from National League 3 Down from League 2

Do people support this proposal. For me Yes

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Not at this moment in time !



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Only when we’ve been relegated !


Yes but not this season

I actually think a 5th Division, ‘league 3’ would be a good idea.

Change leagues as follows:
• Premier League 18 clubs -2
• Championship 20 clubs - 4
• League 1 22 clubs - 2
• League 2 22 clubs - 2
• League 3 22 clubs (10 current league sides & 10 national league sides)

Facilitates winter break, allows for strengthening cups etc….


Then 2 up automatically and 6 in playoffs, with each playoff one leg.

Playoffs as follows:………….
Qtr’s: 5 v 8 and 6 v 7
Semi: 3 v 6/7 and 4 v 5/8

3 relegated

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Stop all this talk of three relegation spots…we are in danger of being in that 22nd place without doubt, the squad has developed a losing mentality, one team always drops like a stone…this year that is US!

Yeah but being in league 3 in the efl sounds better than national league

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League 2 North or South sounds even better! It was discussed by some L2 and NLP clubs after the 2019/20 season was scrapped because of Covid, but I don’t know if there has been any further progress on it since.

14 of the current members of L2 have been promoted from the NLP in the last 20 years, and 12 of the current NLP were relegated from the EFL over the same period - so that’s more than half of the directly affected clubs who would need to agree to the proposal (although would also need the other EFL and NL clubs to rubberstamp it). I’d imagine all of these would be happier with a split level 4 of the pyramid than keeping the drop to level 5.