3rd round


Yes like I say I get all of those issues, I really do. Get the whole Bonser scenario, and the matchday/pricing issues. However, the two home attendances in the FA Cup I’m genuinely surprised by. Both attractive fixtures, cheap ticket prices and pay on the day on Saturday. Also our away following that used to be one of the largest away/home ratios in the country. We’ve never had great home support but away has generally been pretty solid in my experience. I would say we’re now taking less than half away than we were ten years ago. Lots of regulars (who live in the area) now seem to be genuinely getting out of the “habit” of attending at around the same time. I don’t even think a further up-turn in results would have much effect.

The whole thing regarding attendances seems to have reached a tipping point. The club should be very very alarmed (of course they won’t be). Imagine if we had been relegated last season or were to be in the near future? I think we’d regularly be getting less at home games that we took to several away games in 06/07.


Crap draw but I disagree about the FA Cup being dead. I love it and so do many others.


Don’t think it’s the worse draw, not a bad away day, not too far and a winnable fixture against a bigger team when you look at their current from should we get past Sunderland

Would love to see us go on a decent run in this competition - don’t think the FA cup is dead at all, just don’t think we as a club have felt the magic of it for a long time


Like you?

Anyway, I don’t see it as a bad draw at all. Tough but at least it’s not a league one club that we will be playing anyway. We’ll do well to get past Sunderland away anyway.


I’d much rather have a Villa/West Brom, a non league team or a Premier League team. A team like Bolton are probably bottom of the list of clubs I’d want to play. A boring “meh” tie for me.


Are we taking a coach to Sunderland ?, i’m not here for Cov game so can’t book sat any idea’s ?.


At least “IF” we beat Sunderland, we stand a chance against what is a poor Bolton Wanderers side.


Sunderland is £10 and £5 and cash turnstiles mentioned on their website. Hopefully that extends to our fans, though as usual there is insufficient detail on our ticket page to know for sure.


Not sure about the …hate even more… bit to be honest


I shall be attending


Worn down properly by Bonser. Get the feeling wasting the “legacy” of the Smith era by just appointing a cheap option in Whitney and seeing the whole club decline in that two years has tipped a fair few over the edge, can’t say I blame them.


Have a read of this chap.


The Blackpool fans actually got a game called off not so long ago with a pitch invasion protest as detailed in the article.

BTW I’m not having a go at any lack of protest v Bonser, just saying it’s a little more civil here getting face to face meeting as the trust did last season rather than what’s happening up there.

Edit: Just read the stuff about their training ground and they had the riches of the premier league for a season. At least there has been attempt to improve facilities with a decent new ish training ground at Essington.


See what you mean mate , what a family / set up there

… Even manager Lee Clark, who has somehow stuck by the club through all of this …

…let’s face it who else would of given him a job ? …and what do they look like


No surprise of their antic’s looking at them , 37 million skimmed off , Jeff’s got some catching up to do :smiley:


It does say Dave, perhaps you need to borrow my glasses! :grin:

I presume you’ll be dragging Hickey to the game (along with Mrs Geordie and Geordie Jnr)? They had over 8k there tonight for the Checkatrade so I expect there’ll be a decent 5 digit crowd for the replay (even at £10 a ticket we’ll get a healthy chunk of cash out of it compared to our usual league game income).


And the Oystons aren’t the only ones who make Bonser look good - I posted the link in here ages ago (there are probably more that should be on there now) Might end Bescot exile


Your right I still can’t see it! Me and jnr for sure, he was delighted with draw. Presume you’re going so I’ll get in touch with Phil.

Apparently there’s a few “other folks” from this neck of the woods making the trip over according to my sources :face_with_monocle: Ulteria motives and all that, not trouble though, although they’re not coming in the pub with me!!


Well it confirms £10 and £5 tickets for Walsall fans.

Yes, will be coming - from Manchester as that’s where I’ll be next week (and tomorrow for the Shrewsbury game that should have been the shortest trip of the year for me from my house!) Not sure when I’ll get there, but will try to make it in time for a pint with you all before kick off.

If we’re not playing Bolton on 5th Jan, are you making the short journey to Plymouth? :rofl:


Ok see you there, I’ll be in the Colliery Tav last pint(s) before game.


Have been speaking to two of my Bolton supporting colleagues, who are in two minds about who to support in the replay, so to speak.
First option, a bye into the 4th Round (cheeky buggas!). Or a bumper gate to be beaten by their probably Championship replacements next season.
They are not confident about retaining their place!
I just hope we do win the replay, then go on to beat them too!


Best places to park and drink please?