3rd round


The park and ride thing isn’t in operation for our game (S’land business park) but you should still be able to park at Stadium of Light metro station (about a fiver). No parking in streets by the ground,but the town centre is only a ten minute walk if you park there. There’s also a bit of street parking near the Jackson’s and Albion pubs respectively if you get there early and drop lucky. Depends what you want pub wise. The bars near the ground are all pretty basic. Colliery Tavern is literally across the road. I was last in there last season when they played Sheff Wed after our game at Bradford got postponed and both sets of fans were in there peacefully. Service is quick for a matchday pub. There’s a couple of cheap, rough and ready social clubs, the Democrat and the Victory heading back towards the Wearmouth bridge about 5 minutes from the ground. Nearest Spoons is back over the river in the city centre right next to the train station (about ten-fifteen minute walk), not the greatest example but does all the usual Spoons beer and food.


Remember parking in a street near the ground when we played them in the league cup and some young lads were making an income by ‘looking after your car while you are away’! I wonder whether they went on to run other protection rackets as they got older.


Went to watch Sunderland-Arsenal a few years back after a stag do in the Toon and stumbled across the ISIS bar just by the ring road, lively in there as you’d expect!

Sunderland town centre is a dump so I’d suggest drinking and parking in Newcastle and getting the metro in (20 minutes). Nice ground though, very much looking forward to the game in March. Only issue is they’ve closed the upper tiers this season yet still put the away fans up there so you’re pretty much closed off.


I think they’re working as traffic wardens for North Tyneside Council.


Get rid of bonser


Tickets will be £15 adults £5 concessions.


Tickets went on sale yesterday then - how many is everyone expecting us to take? Initial allocation is 500

I’ll be going plus 2, hope we can continue this cup run


We should easily take 1000 here. Down the road really, and not that often we see the 3rd round of any cup. Cheap tickets too.


If the supporters club are running a coach I’ll go. I’m not driving 3.5 hours each way, but I’ll drive to bescot and pick up a coach there. Anyone have any idea what time they will need to set off?


What supporters club?


Not sure about there being a supporter’s club , and not sure about the travelling time … thought it was about 1.75 hour’s to the other wanderer’s ■■■■■■■


…Mind you though …i think it sometime’s took 3.5 hour’s on the Dawson’s coache’s…:grinning:


The supporters club travel service office is now in the old programme shop. Do keep up :wink:


I am going with 2 others…my first away match since the Smith.O’Driscoll,Whitney season!!! Will try to get on the coach run by the Travel section of the former supporters club.


3.5 hrs each way ???...what are you driving…a tractor?


Anyone know how much the coach is yet? Cheapest trains are about 37 quid as far as I can see and don’t fancy driving




so i`m told.


It’s quite a long way from Cambridge.


:rofl: from your original thread look’s like SidSwifty had presumed like me you we’re local to the Banks’s and driving from there , but you obviously mean drive to and THEN get on the coach …:rofl::+1: