5 subs allowed

EFL statement that 5 subs are to be allowed from 7 in leagues 1 &2 and 5 from 9 in championship.

All that will mean for us is even more systems in a match .Just think of the fun Clarkey will have dreaming up projects for 16 players :grinning:


An opportunity for more tinkering! :see_no_evil:


I was just thinking? it’s great having a choice of 5 subs from 7 but not when 4 of them are ■■■■■ :joy:

Added time going to be even longer.
At least if we are chasing the game we will be able to bring on a couple of extra defenders …

hopefully this will not happen!

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You mean in addition to the 9 already there! :wink:


Can we just bring them on without taking anyone off?

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Good idea - have them all standing on the goal line! :rofl:

(although given some of our players, and how DC confuses them with a bewildering number of formation changes between and even during games, I wouldn’t put it past them to stand on their line rather than ours. :roll_eyes:)

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