5 years ago today

No words needed. A sunny but cold day out. It’s true that time goes more quickly as you get older.

After all the hype I cant say its up there as one of my great Walsall memories.

My main one on another cold March day was drinking freezing cold beer outside with some Bristol fans who had a Reading fan in their family group so was able to have a dig at him about the Millennium stadium match.

Can’t help but think we’ve never been to Wembley still cause this new Wembley isn’t Wembley IMO, it’s a soulless stadium nothing like the old/proper Wembley. With spurs playing every home game there, Semi finals at Wembley, nearly every club been to the new one already. It’s a shower of ■■■■■ imo and nothing to get excited about these days. Probably me just having an old mentality and being against modern day football. That being said I’ve always said sky have wrecked football but I’m missing super Sunday today :joy:

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I really don’t understand all this misty eyed reminiscing about Wembley across social media; not even in my top 20 memories as a Walsall fan. Totally underwhelming experience saved by London’s nightlife.

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Agree. As someone said on Twitter, the best thing about Wembley was the two games v Preston that got us there.

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5am get up - Slaughtered by 10am - 3 hr train journey to the capital to watch us get battered

Not my finest memory

Beating tranmere on penos the round before topped that for me, had to be there to underhand. O’Donnell was superb that night and Michael cain how he wasn’t picked in the starting line up at Wembley was totally scandalous

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Didn’t post it as a good memory tbh. Just realised when I put the t-shirt on to do some painting in self isolation.

It was a day out, a rare big event for a club like us, and I for one enjoyed it. Ok so we were poor (against tbf a very good team) but it was still a chance to have a few beers with my dad and mates at a stadium I doubted we’d ever visit.

Was it my best Walsall memory…no, but I still enjoyed it.


Flew from NZ. Diverted into India due to medical emergency, missed my connection in UAE. Got the next flight, absolutely full, stuck in internal seat next to smelly person, hours late to land means a very late supper and only a couple of hours with the parents before driving down Hemel the next morning, picking up a mate, and getting on the train to Wembley. Massive queue to get into our side of the entertainment suite, due to inept stewards (probably provided by Walsall), so far too sober to watch what followed. Train back, got smashed. Drove to Heathrow the next morning, flew home.

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Me and my lad were the furthest travelling UK-based fans at Wembley because we came down from the Orkney Islands! Everything about the 5-day round trip was memorable - apart from the 90 minutes of football. Coming out if the station at Wembley and looking at all the Walsall fans on Wembley Way was priceless for me - lump in throat time.


Same here OS.

Not only did we lose at Wembley, we lost over 2 million since then to the underwater Cypriot lair of our No 1 supporter and continue to do so at a rate of nearly half a million a year

Think of the team we could have now

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