50/50 Draw Results

We can confirm we received a total of £802 for the 50/50 draw which has taken place today.

Thank you to a member of Walsall Supporters For Change who carried out the draw for us and the winning numbers are as follows

1st Prize (ticket 508) - £401
2nd Prize (ticket 490) - Signed WFC ball
3rd Prize (ticket 688) - limited edition Wembley print
4th Prize (ticket 518) - limited edition Swindon promotion print

All winners have been contacted.

£401 will be given to Walsall Football Club to help our club during these uncertain times.

Thank you to everyone that entered.

Our next draw will take place on Saturday 6th June


What happened to the list of names and their ticket number/s being issued before the draw?
Have I missed it somewhere?

GDPR meant we couldn’t.

Everyone that entered the draw received an email stating their ticket numbers.

The draw was conducted by an independent source.

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I never received any email, I paid £5 for 5 tickets

My son put £20 and he hasn’t either. Must be some sort of mix up or delay with emails. I received mine by text.

Trust strikes again


Also never received an email. Paid £10 and confirmed it to Ray Dale, but heard nothing back

Same here. Paid £10.00 via PayPal yesterday morning. Got the PP receipt but no email with numbers.

I bought 5 tickets when this was launched and received my numbers on Friday. I was lucky enough to win 2nd prize. Despite the release stating all winners had been contacted, I wasn’t, and had to email Ray to see how I claim. He had to email the trust secretary and then tell me the prize is at the club and to leave it with him for a day or two (which is obviously fine). In the meantime, Steve Davis contacted my wife on Facebook to see if I was OK with my name being published as a winner (not sure that complies with GDPR).

This does strike me as good intentions but being very poorly run. Not sure I’ll bother next time as the lack of transparency and other people’s experiences of not receiving their numbers doesn’t fill me with confidence.

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I paid a £5 and Ray Dale rang me with my numbers before the draw. I don’t think they have my email address anyway!
Appears they need to get things better organised for the next draw…anyway well done to the winners and to the Trust for trying to help the Club in these difficult times.

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Always believed a text message is better than email, emails can and do go to junk box, a text always gets through.

I got my emails OK


Congrats to alleged mystery winner!



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I and my nephew bought tickets and both recieved email notification.No problems here.

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How did you know you had won if you weren’t notified?

We all got notified by email of the winning ticket numbers following the draw. We had previously received our ticket numbers by email.

My son contacted Mr Dale and has been given his numbers. It appears they have been overwhelmed with the response and are making changes. Things like this are difficult at first. I’ll still have a go on the June draw.

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Yes I know. That was my experience.

I was just asking how @singingshiver knew he had won 2nd prize without being notified.