7pm 👀

New Kit suppliers?

Paul’s Beautique

New line of retro kits

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Saw video and just assumed new suppliers

So slow sometimes :rofl::rofl:

I’d assume from the pics that Allen is staying.

Has anyone got any idea what the size guide is for the retro shirts? Cant see anything on the club shop website :flushed:


People said last time they came up small but got 2 for my lads at Christmas and they fit true to size there or therabouts

Might just be pure speculating here… but did notice no Issac Hutchinson in the release of the kits, there may be absolutely nothing in this but surely you’d have your player of the season and winner of 3 awards including golden boot. As part of the release, just fuels speculation

Arrrr but maybe he’ll be wearing the new kit … :wink:

I really do not get this fascination with the old kits. I think I’ll just keep the one with the green band until it comes up as retro. I wish I still had my original green and white checked one, could’ve saved a fortune. I remember buying my first top from Stevens in the town centre as they sold Walsall stuff.

Sure we wore that black and white kit at Crewe when we got hammered in the play offs that season ?


Colin Methven flashbacks!


@WestieJack same thought have to go up 2 sizes with Errea.

Any one able to offer advice as to the sizing of these appreciated

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Had to have a medium instead of large in the previously released ones as was that or nothing, and it fits pretty much bang on tbh, so I’d say go for your standard sizing

They are done in conjunction with The Terrace, and the sizing is as follows according to other (not Walsall) shirts on their website:

XS - 36-38" / Small - 38-40" / Medium - 40-42" / Large - 42-44"

XL - 44-46" / 2XL - 48-50" / 3XL - 50-52" / 4XL - 52-54" / 5XL - 54-56"

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That’s brilliant. Thank you :+1:

I’ve just ordered this one i have the home that ISSA did a couple of years ago really like this shirt.

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Good point to be fair. Don’t think anyone would be surprised to hear that he goes and DJ ends up on a season loan somewhere

If a was picking a top to be reproduced it would be this one, loved that season too


I thought the expense of the football season was having a rest, but then my oldest lad clocked these being released. 97/98 for my oldest and 93/94 for the youngest.

A small price to pay if it helps keep them on the right track. So proud they are both ardent Walsall fans and their grandad would be even more proud.


That black and white shirt still gives me nightmares Crewe and Evran Wright springs to mind when i saw that :rofl::rofl: