8 Years Ago Today... Was this the turning point?

Dean Smith and Richard O’Kelly departed for Brentford as we were pushing for a return to the Championship.

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I think the turning point was before that and the reason Smith packed his bags.


Footballing wise, it’s been awful since then, being a Walsall supporter. We need to dredge the swamp…


I always wonder where we’d be now if we would have gone up that season.

We would have been in the Championship that season with Newcastle, Brighton, Fulham, Leeds, Norwich, Brentford, Villa, Wolves, Birmingham and Forest :pleading_face:


Yeah, but how good were Forrest Green Rovers Saturday?!


Very well coached :grinning:

Yeah as Mat says “They’re good at what they do” just like how Barrow “Get it out to wide areas well”

Simple fact is Sadlers got to go. Win lose or draw Saturday it’s time for him to know the majority of fans want him gone.

As for the above. What if. I think Jeff was ready to cash out after this. Only good thing is Jeff knew it was time to go after this.

Just against us though apparently as they got battered again on Tuesday night …


It was and we have not yet recovered. Trivela and Sadler are the ones getting the current hate but we have had plenty since that day who have took the blame O’Driscoll, Sawyers, Bonser Keates, Cook, lahey, Martin, Clarke, Pomlett Gafney, Dutton, Matt Taylor, Ladabie, Ash Taylor, Flynn, Matt, Stevens, Evans, and even Dan Mole have I missed anyone?


Weird that :confused: :see_no_evil:

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To be honest i hate the bloke so much im just gonna blame it all on Sean O Driscoll :grinning:

Absolute piece of work him, even Bonser couldnt hack him for long which says everything you need to know…

Seriously, it had probably gone sour long before Smith finally got his way, but we did him a favour by not letting go to Rotherham. Maybe he should thank us for that one day, i suspect his career would have not gone so well had he not lucked out with Brentford.


It’s like a really awful episode of The Generation Game, where they all go into a dusty bin at the end.

We certainly didn’t play our cards right and it was rarely a good game, good game…

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Miserable git who acted like he was doing us a favour.

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I dont think he had a single friend at the club by the time he finally got booted.

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Baffles me to this day how he could possibly fcuk it up as much as he did.

He took over a team that were playing great football, with smiles of their faces and in no time at all turned them into a shell of themselves.

We’ve had plenty of shit managers over the years but he is my least favourite. The others I just accepted as shit but he actually came with a good reputation and managed to ruin a good side in no time.


I seem to remember he came in saying he didn’t need to make any changes because the team was running itself… then he decided to start tinkering. :man_facepalming::woozy_face:

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He dropped Rico Henry and started getting us to smash it long every time :sob: visibly pissing off all the players


Didn’t he sub Bradshaw and Sawyers in the last minute v blackpool, just before they equalised? Purely to show he was ‘boss’

Not that we missed promotion by a point or anything.so not important in the grand scheme of things.


From memory he constantly referred to Walsall as “they” rather than “us” when he was manager. Really annoyed me & gave the impression that he didn’t want to be at WFC & was managing below his status.
Miserable, useless git…

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If you listen carefully to Sadler’s post match interview v Barrow, he talks about conceding a goal and he says, “they”; he then quickly states that it is “for us” to rectify. I can’t see him lasting past January when the rumoured contract review meeting is booked in…